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October 09 2007

Latest press release for 'Angel: After The Fall'. It includes some new info about the one-shots that will tie in with the mini-series.

Interesting tidbit.

One thing: The article says the comic hits this month, but it's not out until 11/28.
I love the idea about the one shots - Is it November yet???
The article seems to imply the one-shots are as well as the 12 issues, whereas I had the impression they were to fill break months, what's the what ?

("First Night" sounds good. Only problem being, now I have to worry about Anne dying too. She's too nice to kill, right ? Surely ? Maybe ? ;)

And a zombie comic owns rulage, did we know that before ? "Zombies vs Pirates" would be my first pick, the winner to appear in the follow-up, "Zombies vs Ninjas". Or I suppose there's the whole "story with characters and stuff" route too.

(it does say "this month" but it also says out in November a couple of times too, just a typo/authorial brain fart presumably)
Thanks Simon. Sounds great. I like when 'First Night' is set. Should be interesting!
Interesting news about the "First Night" one shot. Guess we'll find out what Connor did when he left the building, if the building fell down on Eve or not and that Lindsey foiled Angel's evil plan and he's not really dead....



I like De Nile.
One thing that had occurred to me was, do IDW have to get David Greenwalt to sign off on the Angel comic books? Seeing as he is the show's other creator and all that jazz.
Are you trying to restart the sounds-like-Hannon wars Simon ? ;-)

(from a licencing POV, presumably Fox owns all the rights, any deals would be with them and them alone)
He's chumming the waters, Saje.

IMHO, Joss' word is final. But it would be cooler if both Joss and David discussed and agreed on the direction of the storylines.

But really, who cares? Either way, we get more Angel!!!

Forgive my relative noob-ness, but what?

Love the Joss-man and all, but I still kinda feel Angel was more DG's show. And while it'd be nice if they got his input, I doubt they did.

Liking the idea for First Night. I hope it'll mention what happened to Lorne. He, like Gunn, was never really fleshed out as much in the series, I felt.
I didn't want to say the 'c' word deepgirl187 (last time there was a discussion about canon it ran to about 200 comments and got a tad heated at times, by Whedonesque standards anyway. The actual choice of substitute was way obscure though, Simon's from Northern Ireland, Neil Hannon is a singer song-writer from Southern Ireland, to get that you'd probably have to be weird in the head me ;).

He's chumming the waters, Saje.

Well, then "we're gonna need a bigger boat" ;).
from a licencing POV, presumably Fox owns all the rights, any deals would be with them and them alone

Well we know that SMG has to approve the use of her likeness in the comic books (going by what Jo Chen said) and for the previous Buffy comics Dark Horse had to follow certain guidelines set down by Joss.

So it's not totally unreasonable to expect that David Greenwalt may be entitled to some input into the Angel comic books be they canon or non-canon.

And Neil Hannon is from Northern Ireland btw.
Wow, born in Derry, I sit corrected, ta Simon. He has a much milder accent than i'm used to from the north, just always assumed he was from the Republic.

Re: Greenwalt, maybe, guess it comes down to contracts but AFAIK, writers in the US operate on a work-for-hire basis which means they don't have the same rights over derivative works as, for instance, UK writers do (but it also means they can join a union and so get paid more) - as I understand it anyway (IANAL ;).

Clearly though, Fox don't own SMG's likeness or they wouldn't have had to ask her (dunno if that's standard or if she was just canny).
Re: Greenwalt, maybe, guess it comes down to contracts

True but then I would imagine there's a difference between the contract of a co-creator of the show and the contract of a writer for the show. I mean for all we all we know Joss and David have to both agree if Angel is going to be used for whatever purposes (though I would assume it normally involves signing off on the proposal).

If I was very paranoid about the legalese of it all, it might make me wonder if that's why IDW went with "Angel: After The Fall" instead of "Angel: Season Six".
True, you'd assume they'd have a bit more say, no idea if it actually works like that or not.

I wonder myself exactly why "Season 6" isn't being used. I've been assuming it's just not very evocative (if you have lots of arcs as in Buffy "S8" then you get lots of chances to come up with a good title, only one arc as with AtF and I guess you have to pick one up front).

Might be a legal thing but you can't copyright a title (which "Angel: Season 6" surely is) or a concept (i.e. the ideas in season 6) so I suspect not (might still be some other licence/legal based reason of course).
I know that -- and this is from Joss -- 20th Century Fox wanted to make a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" TV series and had to run the idea by Joss due to a contract thing (Buffy was his movie). That's how Joss got involved with the series, because he said 'Yeah, go for it! If I make it'.

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