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October 09 2007

(SPOILER) Fractal Matter reviews Angel:After the Fall #1. A very good review of the return of our vampire with a soul.

gah! i couldn't contain myself from reading this. luckily it doesn't give away much... or really anything that we already knew.

that's it! i'm done, no more spoilers! i want to remain pureeee. i can do it!
I too was weak. Depending on the individual, couple of fairly big spoilers if you've stayed absolutely spoiler free. No huge surprises in the review though IMO (they've been specifically asked not to reveal those).

Note to self: do NOT look at the advert for issue 2 inside AtF #1.

(if i'm reading this right though, having to wait until next April to get an idea of what happens in the alley could be painful)
I'll be interested to see which "hell" this is. One of your hell dimensions like the one Angel ended up in at the end of Buffy season 2. Or the more tradition version of hell like the one referenced in "Hell Bound". I don't think those two approaches have ever been reconciled so to speak so it'll be cool to see what the writers have come up with.
Oh man, I remember watching the final episode of Angel with my husband and we were like, "Really? That's it? Oh god! Lets go twist that knife in our hearts some more!". I'm not sure I could handle any darker then that episode got. Wesley dying in the lap of a fantasy, Gunn's certain death, how could I not read this? Will it give some light on one of the darkest moments on television? I have to! I have to read it! Curse you evil comic book writing fiends! I love you.
This is gonna be a tough sell for me. I remain firmly in the camp of fans that would rather the show ended exactly where it did... but my fingers are crossed.
Haunt, I don't think you should buy it. Because you'd open the book and be like "hey, it didn't end after the show" and then you'd have to go on with your day and everyone would be like "why is your mind blown?" and you'd be all "man you'd wouldn't believe it" or someone would go "you look like your world has been ROCKED hard" and you'd be like "don't get me started, sister."

And then, finally, at the end of the day, when you went to sleep, thinking the day is over, I would run with a copy of my new comic HAUNT'S BAD DAY, in my attempt to keep everything going that you thought ended.

To sum up: Haunt should not read ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL.

See I'd read Haunt's Bad Day. ;-)

But clearly I've whinged too much, so I suppose I'll do my best to just shut up till I've read the first issue (and had my mind appropriately blown). Fair enough?
The header should read"...our vampireS with soulS. Let's not forget one of the most exciting things about this new comic is more Spike!!! BTW, Brian, I loved Shadow Puppets. Thanks!!
Haunt's Bad Day is just too nifty for words. Haunt, I see a cover with you surrounded by a hoard of converging demony-writers, all trying to attack your brain with scores of mind-blowing plots twists and harrowing reveals.

After reading the review I am forced to wonder which demon lord has taken over my home-kingdom of West Hollywood, and what might be an appropriate sacrifice for their appeasement? It might be good to get started on it...
Personally, I want to know how Harmony's reference letter went. You know, the one Angel wrote for her, him being the "bestest boss ever" and all.
After reading the review I am forced to wonder which demon lord has taken over my home-kingdom of West Hollywood, and what might be an appropriate sacrifice for their appeasement? It might be good to get started on it...

It was Rosie O' Donnell, and the sacrifice need be no more than a bag of un-cooked ham.
Put me in the camp that's happy that it didn't end in that alley. I can't wait for more of Angel and his journey for redemption ... At least I'm happy now .. I'm also afraid of what will happen next ... very afraid ;-)... and HAUNT'S BAD DAY ... priceless
I always suspected that my bad days were a source of amusement to others...
Only if colorfully illustrated.
quantumac: Yes, did Harmony go to another W&H office or to another company entirely? (Unfortunately for me I wrote my Faith/Harmony slash piece two years before Angel S-5 so I had her doing guard work and telemarketing in San Bernardino and I'm committed to honoring my own continuity.)

I'm seriously debating whether or not to try following this, especially interested if the spoilers about the dragon are true, but I'm not sure I want to add a second comic to my monthly budget especially since I'm a bit mildly disappointed in S-8.
DaddyCatALSO: All I can say is that Brian's comics have been great so far. I think this will be one to remember! Based on his two Spike series alone I'd say it's a safe bet that you need to add it to your budget. ;)

Oh! By the way! Here you can find out about the dragon:

Needless to say; Spoilers ahead!

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First Haunt gets "precious" posts and now his own Brian Lynch comics? What gives?
The squeeky (read: bitchy) wheel gets the grease I guess.

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