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October 09 2007

Drive one shot scene online. Zoic got an Emmy nomination for visual effects for this several minute scene, where the actors never left the sound stage. It never aired.

Man... that's a really amazing shot, and on a TV show budget too. Great stuff.
ARGH! All it does is make me want it back.
Stupid Fox.
Owwww. It looks so damn good.

I actually feel sad about this, all over again...

*has no FOX curses left, used up my lifetime supply...*
That show had the sweetest Dodge Challenger I've ever seen.
Wow, amazing. Just boosts my opinion of Zoic further..
Truly original, of course it was canceled. We wouldn't want something like that on TV.
Oh, so that's why they cancelled it. Now it makes sense.
Wow, a Drive thread! I get to post this then. I noticed a while ago that the Emmy nomination actually showed up on Drive's page at theInternet Movie DataBase

Here is the record details:

Emmy Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2007 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special
Loni Peristere (visual effects supervisor)
Raoul Bolognini (visual effects producer)
Chris John Jones (technical director)
Jarrod Davis (cg supervisor)
Mark Shimer (cg artist)
Jamie Clark (cg artist)
Steven Meyer (senior compositor)
Tyler Nathan (compositor)
Nathan Overstrom (compositor)
For episode "The Starting Line".

Shame, really. I really miss that show. And they better come out with a DVD release...
It never aired. As I said in a previous thread, I don't need another reason to hate Fox, in any and all it's corporate manifestations.
That is a GREAT VFX sequence. I am constantly impressed with what ZoiC can do on a TV budget.

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