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October 10 2007

Fractal Matter interview with Amber Benson. She talks quite a bit about her favorite comics and books, as well as her own upcoming novel, Death's Daughter.

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Only fifty words so far and she's sold the book? I've written three tombs, almost completed the first draft of the fourth, and I still haven't even sold ONE yet.

Grumble, grumble... Lucky Amber! Grumble, grumble… :)
quantumac;Well there is name recognition and track record on collaborations to be considered and yeah, lucky Amber *g.
She actually already has all the words prepared in her giant "Bucket o' Words Write-o-matic" (TM, Pat. Pending) so it's really just a simple matter of putting them in order then adding punctuation.

Isn't she nice ? Need to check out more of her writing.

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