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October 10 2007

Last Civilized Man in the world? No, not really, just a particularly cute new photo of James Marsters and the news that his site have found 100 copies of his last album and put them back on sale. It's called Civilized Man - hence the cheesy joke.

I really do love that album. It's nice to see the kind of quality an independent musician can get. It makes me hopeful!
Aww, bless, he's all tuckered out.
Thanks roadrunner. My gut response would be inappropriate to post. :)
Thanks for the headsup, roadrunner, and the lovely JM pic.

Civilized Man was a very good first solo effort for him. Now I'm looking forward to his new CD, Like a Waterfall, coming out later this month.
Oh, wow! I've been looking for a copy of this for months now... just ordered it. Thanks so much for the heads-up, roadrunner!
Awww what a cute picture !

And good news that a few more albums have been found :)
Can't wait for his new album. Love the picture. What a hunk.

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