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October 11 2007

A Space Western limerick contest. It'll be judged by the likes of Jane Espenson and Keith R.A. DeCandido. Entries must be in by November 10th.

There once was a browncoat from Shadow...
I did mine on River, but I'm not sure it's Western-y enough.
How fun, I submitted one. Now I can say my work has been read by Jane Espenson and Krad!
Wait, I'm confused. So we're not allowed to mention anything in the Firefly/Serenity verse?

From the Terms:

"(i) that no entry infringes any trademark or copyright or otherwise violates anyone’s right of privacy or publicity; "

With all the trademark/copyright hoopla going on right now, I'm not sure how to interpret this.
I was wondering the same thing. Especially as regards names.
I just received an email from Parody is fair use.

Fox can't take the limerick from me.
Yeah but what if your limerick isn't a parody ? Mine was gonna have deep psychological insights into Mal and the human condition. One line questioned the very nature of reality while simultaneously rhyming with "Nantucket".

Ah well, dick jokes it is.
They said no dirty limericks, Saje. (Clean limericks seem mostly an oxymoron anyway.)
Damnation, you're right Sunfire, missed that.

In that case, I got nothin' ;).
I'd always rather hear Saje's dirty limericks. Such a great combination of brains and sarcasm to be wasted on PG material.
There once was a poster named Skeezy
Whose name, but not odour, was cheesy
On the compliment fine
Out of ten I give nine
And her manner ? Delightfully breezy


A whedonesque member named Saje
Had the brain and the heart of a Maje.
Demons stole them, with guile,
Tried them out, for a while.
Couldn't work 'em, which filled them with raje.
Ha, very cool, ta QG. Both organs do, indeed, require a certain amount of, err, familiarity to operate correctly, I don't envy those demons one bit ;).
Hee hee.

There once was a Gal who quoted,
All the best of the thoughts ever floated.
She always came through
The cry and the hue
With the pith and point, never bloated.

Hmmm. I think that may be my first limerick. (Yeah, I shows. ;-) )
No one I showed it to (all one of him) believes this is your first limerick, newcj. Aside from me just loving the subject matter and tone...

*big smile*

it's just really good. Pithy, you know?

I used to put a limerick-a-day in with my partner's lunch, but after about two months, it just got too difficult to think up new stuff to say about him or me or us in just five lines...
Well thanks, QG. I'm glad you liked it. It is always nice to try something new and get a good result.
Yay! Succatash got "Jane's pick" and I got an honourable mention!

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