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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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October 11 2007

Seth Green to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy. He's slated to appear as a patient in a two-episode arc, yet to be scheduled.

McSicky? That's SOOO funny.

I hope he stars as a patient with an advanced case of hirsutism, preferably brought on by a full moon.
A gal can dream, huh?!
Woot! More Seth is such a good thing.
Awww, now I'm going to have to watch Grey's Anatomy, which I've been able to avoid till now (no offense -- I know many people love it)... Why couldn't he guest on CSI instead?
Grey's Anatomy went from "disappointing this season" to suddenly must-see-tv with this casting news! Can't they BEG Seth to become a regular. I like watching Family Guy and all, but I want to *see* Seth weekly!

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