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October 11 2007

Christina Hendricks talks about her work in Mad Men and Life. She's a regular in Mad Men, which will be concluding the current season in the upcoming weeks and has a recurring role in the NBC show.

God, I love that show.
If you're talking about Life, I agree!

I've not yet seen Mad Men.
Nope, I was talking about Mad Men. So many different kinds of fantastic.

I've not yet seen Life, but I'm told I should.
Life is short in the historical world of Mad Men.

All that smoking and drinking catches up with a person. Those were different times. On the plus side, they really knew how to stay married in back then. 'Til death do you part was not just an oath... it was manditory.

I expect these Mad Man characters to start dropping like flies in season 2! If only to liberate all the miserable surviving spouses.

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