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October 11 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg turns 22 today. Happy Birthday, Dawnie!

I stand here firmly planted in the 'not telling Dawn to shut up' camp, wishing Michelle a very happy happy birthday!!! I hope you have a great day.
I just saw her in a movie with Sean Maher (of Firefly) and was really unimpressed with her acting. Didn't realize she was so young, though.
Happy birthday Michelle. Hope the Dawn hatred rolled off your back. All the best.
So young, so awesome an actron -- Happy Birthday!
I'm with skeezycheeses on the 'not telling Dawn to shut up' camp! Happy birthday Michelle.

Going the 6 degrees route... Turns out it is also Luke Perry's birthday ('Pike' in the BtVS movie); Emily Deschanel's (in Bones with DB) and Sean Patrick Flannery's (in Simply Irresistible with SMG).

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Well Leiasky, that was just a lovely birthday wish. I hope people can disregard my flaws for at least one day out of the year. ;)
Happy birthday, MT.

I loved Dawn, thought the arc in 5 surrounding her was fantastic.
Totally do not understand the acrimony towards Dawn (and Connor, too, for that matter.) I thought Michelle was excellent in the role.

Teenagers have it rough enough without finding out that not only do you have to worry about cliques and popularity and clothes and boys, but also that you're a mystical ball of energy that can rend asunder the borders between dimensions, ushering in undending pain and terror.

I think Dawnie was remarkably well-adjusted, all things considered.
Happy birthday, Michelle, and thank you.
Count me in with the Dawn "Not Hate". Especialy people on some forums saying they hated Michelle because all she ever did on Buffy was whine and complain. Hello, fiction!

Happy birthday Michelle.
Wow, they grow up so fast.
Happy birthday, Michelle!
Ditto with the not-hate here; I also don't hate Alan Tudyk even though Wash died...
Happy birthday, Michelle, wishing it's a good one. Please take care!
Ya know...maybe I am completely wrong with this assertion, but I am pretty sure that Joss and the casting directors for Buffy, Angel and Firefly would not have let any actor or actress have a role of some significance unless they had chops.

That being said...I think Ms. Trachtenberg did a laudable job of conveying all the emotions relating to being a teen and younger sister of someone who got all kinds of attention directed at them because of one matter or another...Slayer-related or not. Plus, the knowledge that one isn't even really a person has got to add to the "Why me?!?" stakes. emphatic "Bonne fete!" to the lovely Michelle Trachtenberg and much hope for future roles that will silence ally nay-sayers:D
I thought Michelle Trachtenberg was magnificent as Dawn and I wish her a very Happy Birthday.

And I really like her dancing in OMWF!
Oh, right, silvius, Dawn's "An American in Paris" kind of scene with the puppets and then Sweet was a highlight of a gaggle of highlights!
Michelle was one of my favorite actors in Buffy. Very talented. And if anyone needed proof, just watch her performance in "The Body". Happy B-Day M!
Happy birthday, Michelle!
Happy 22nd Birthday, Michelle! (It's still the 11th here in the states, where I'm assuming she's spending the day.) Have a great one!
Happy Birthday Michelle! You were one of my favourite Buffy cast members. I think you're a very beautiful young actress and I have always enjoyed your work. All the best for the future!!
Happy Birthday to Michelle- and here's to wearing as many pairs of high heels as your heart desires.
Oh, I love me some Dawnie :) I just saw the episode Michelle did for House. Anybody else see it? I'm very late to the party on House, just finishing up season 2. She really is a fantastic actress. And mut999 is completely right....MT showed some amazing acting chops in The Body. Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!
Little Bit's all grown up! Happy Birthday, Michelle! And I'm with everyone here in not liking the "Shut up, Dawn" thing. Let Dawn speak, she's usually right!
Kudos, MT!

You are the epitome of a true professional - NO showing up late to the set, DUIs, meltdowns, staged drama, sordid affairs, multiple marriages, child neglect, sex videos, drug abuse, hit-and-run driving, detox, interventions, rehab, and/or award show embarrassment. Worse things I can detect are mild addictions to designer clothes and shoes.

In short, you're boring...thank God! All the best on your 22nd.
You are the epitome of a true professional - NO showing up late to the set, DUIs, meltdowns, staged drama, sordid affairs, multiple marriages, child neglect, sex videos, drug abuse, hit-and-run driving, detox, interventions, rehab, and/or award show embarrassment.

Dude, did you just compare Michelle To Britney Spears?
Ah, zz9. Michelle is the Anti-Britney/LiLo, etc!
Happy Birthday, Michelle!
Maybe the "Dawn is annoying" thread among fans is really an (unconscious) tribute to Michelle's acting. I'm pretty sure that as a self-absorbed early teen I was at least that annoying, in pretty similar ways.

It's kind of funny, though, that there is not more empathy for the character, who lost her single parent so young, is so alone so often, and is expected to do what she's told without questioning.
I must say that Mysterious Skins makes up for all the bad movies i have sat throw just because there where whedonverse actors in them.
Loved Dawnie and season 5 is my favorite season of Buffy. I loved that whole arc and the relationship between Dawn and Buffy. But, it's really hard realizing that Michelle is now 22!! Hope she had a great birthday and here's hoping she has a great future!

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