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October 12 2007

Empire Lists their Top 10 'hidden' performances. Everyone's favorite Gentleman, Doug Jones, comes in at number 2 for Pan's Labyrinth.

Wow, second only to Boris Karloff, that is quite a compliment. I had also loved Doug Jones' work as the Silver Surfer in the last 'Fantastic 4' film (but I was disappointed that they found it necessary to dub his voice).
Very cool. I am a bit disappointed, though, that Tim Curry didn't make the cut as the Lord of Darkness in Labyrinth. Same with the incredible Andy Serkis and his Peter Jackson CGI performances. Still, Doug Jones is more than deserving. Just from his Del Toro movies alone, the guy is astounding.
The exclusion of CG characters is duly noted on the side, with Andy Serkis named specifically as someone who'd be a shoe-in for a spot otherwise.

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