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October 15 2007

(SPOILER) New Angel:After The Fall #1 Review. Contains a new page from issue 1 as well.

Idly wonders if the hell LA is in, is the same hell dimension that Angel went to at the end of Becoming part two.
I sure hope so, as he once said, you tend to know a lot of the people there.

Bring on the "Dark Avenger Roadshow", stat!
When is this being released?

Also, this new life for the Angel series begs the question: will Diamond Select release a puppet Lorne to go along with puppet Spike (both featured in Shadow Puppets). This was a great comic...but a deviation from Angel, so I also wonder if Spike will be absent from this comicbook series.
Great review. I love the new page. Its getting hard to contain my excitement for this lol:)
toontimer, as this is a canonical continuation of Angel, Spike and much of the rest of the gang will be in it. In fact, Spike is on the cover of #2. Issue #1 hits 11/28, by the way.
Typical Harmony response: Angel gets launched from a cannon? Wow cool!
I was discussing this with my Buffy RPG group, and one noted that he liked the "everybody probably dies" ending, but since everybody's in Hell, that still works...

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