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October 15 2007

Check out a new pic of Alyson Hannigan from EW. She shows us her favorite t-shirt and talks about what Buffy related event got her it.

She must take very good care of her Tshirts. Mine don't look that good after 10 years.But then, neither do I! Cute picture.
The sentiment behind that is just as adorable as the tee.

*Sigh* I miss John Ritter, too.
Cute overload!
Yes, very cute (as Alyson always is), but I miss her old look. I find myself hoping we have a global shortage on brown hair color potions, just so Alyson will go back to her natural red.

Hey, redheads are rare and sexy!
She's actually a natural brunette.

Cute pic!
Well, her natural shade as far as I know has some reddish highlights which she's covering over now.
Yep, she's a brunette. The red was what came out of the bottle.

It is a cute picture. She seems to have personality to spare.
Dear Self,

Turns out Alyson Hannigan is lovely.


I'm a Buffy newbie... I came to Joss with Firefly and decided that this was the year that I catch up on Buffy and Angel. I'm on season 3 of Buffy now. It's been so much fun watching for the first time - I LOVE IT, and Willow is by far at the top of my favorite character list...
As I've said, well, First season Willow could have had touched up hair but I doubt if Aly was coloring it at 12 in >My Stepmother Is an ALien and her hair was in both palces very dark with reddish highlights, too dark for a true auburn even. Which is why I tend to think that she's gone from bottle red to an equally artificial straight brown. But it's still a cute shirt.
Okay, I'm a bit confused:

The late John Ritter gave this tee to Hannigan after his guest spot on Buffy in 1997. ''He was such an incredible guy anyway, even if he didn't give me a rubber ducky T-shirt"

So, did he or did he not give her the tee-shirt??
''He was such an incredible guy anyway, even if he didn't give me a rubber ducky T-shirt,'' she says.

I think that means he did and he still would've been a great guy if he hadn't.
Ah...I guess that makes sense...wouldn't have been confusing if she'd said "even if he HADN'T given me..."
These links claim Alyson is a natural redhead:

This is the first place I've ever heard claim that she wasn't a natural redhead.
Alyson is not a natural redhead. Before Buffy season 2 she was a brunette, and I don't think she was dying it as a child.

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Yeah, but you have to realize, lots of those sites are filled by posters who have absolutely no inside information, and that misinformation propagates astronomically. Aly doesn't claim she's a natural redhead; there's even an interview somewhere if I can find it again where she mentions volunteering to "go red" for BtVS. And it's pretty easy to catch her natural shade in her early work: TV movies, commercials, "My Stepmother Is An Alien" and "Free Spirit."

Then, of course, there's this...
I was saying what her father pointed out, her hair has some natural reddish touches but it's noticeable, not extensive.
I'm no expert but I think her base color is defintiely way too dark to be called "chestnut" and even a bit darker than most definitions of "auburn"; somebody once traced me to a wigmaker website which calls ALy's First season BtVS color "deep wine" but I've never, ever seen that term anywhere else as a hair color. (I do use the term in any of my fics set during Willow's pregnancy with Summer but this is a T-shirt thread.)

Chris inVirginia digitalMindy; I agree on teh phrasing...Aly is smart but she's not a trained Toastmistress as far as I can tell so, heck, we all make statements like that at times.
... her hair has some natural reddish touches

Must be her Irish roots showing. Geddit ? Eh ? Ah, sometimes I crack myself up (and then there's now ;).

Natural hair colour is almost never uniform (i'm no expert, but I have had natural hair ;) so reddish "touches" or even lighter brown tinges that sometimes catch the light a certain way are totally to be expected (clearly her colour now also isn't natural). I have/had muddy-brown hair and my beard comes through with ginger flecks - such is the way of the Celt ;) - but I wouldn't consider myself ginger or red-headed. Neither is Ms Hannigan IMO.

Either way though, she luuvvvly.
Saje;Irish roots of the most meaningful sort, actually, Saje; ethnically Al Hannigan is Anglo-Saxon, he was adopted by Aly's grandmother's second hubby so that's where the name comes from.
Well, the Anglo-Saxons have more Celt in them than they'd probably care to admit DCA (as I sometimes remind my English mates ;).

(especially if the term's just being used to mean "of English ancestry" since they originally only settled the south and east of England, the rest being inhabited by the Britons. Early ideas about the Britons being forced west/northwards en masse have also given way to the much more plausible - IMInterested Layman'sO ;) - "intermingling and inter-marrying" view. Wasn't until much later that "Celtic" was used for "parts of the British Isles" though so it's nearly as made up as "English". We're all mongrels basically ;)

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