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"Oh, you always so grouchy when you get cut in half."
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October 15 2007

James Marsters October Online Q and A. This time out he is asked about tattoos, confidence, and his favorite Star Wars film.

Ah, I love that Delilah song too. Hubby plays his guitar and sings it to me. It reminds us of our many years in a looooong-distance relationship, which no doubt James feels now. The whole Euro/American thing is tough.
Well that settles it - I could never be a Hollywood actor. Life without late night snacks? Never *grin*
ThanksRavenU, I love these Q&A's but never remember to check James' site for them. Always good for fascinating and unfailingly honest stuff.
Stop eating at sundown ? Ah, to live in sunny CA - i'd have to eat dinner at work throughout the winter if I did that.

As usual, interesting and honest answers. JM's always good value on Shakespeare, presumably because teasing meaning from the plays and characters is a large part of his profession.

(he is a maniac though, clearly it's Empire ;)

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