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October 15 2007

Adam Baldwin also in Halo 3. Along with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.

Also Katee Sackhoff (aka Starbuck!) is in it as well. I couldn't find any other soundbites but during my playthrough I've heard Adam shout, "Here's Vera!" He also has some choice words about grenades and how he's glad he brought them along.

And Nathan at one point says, "Reynolds out" after a communication. This game provides a nice slice of fanboy heaven.

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Thanks - I was wondering if I had been the only one to notice this! My hubby and I were playing the other night and I heard Adam - I'd known about Alan and Nathan, but Adam was a nice surprise.
You'd be surprised to know how many of the Xbox game designers are Browncoats. I know they were working hard to get as many of the BDH's on board for 3 as they could.

Alas, I don't own an Xbox... :(
It's worth noting that Adam Baldwin also does the voice of several nameless citizens in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, which was released last Wednesday. Half-Life is huge, and one of the most commercially and critically successful game series of all time.
I started a thread about this over on Flickr but apparently not many Halo players over there! I've been dying to discuss it with other Firefly/Halo fans!

There are definite nods to Firefly. Adam, when approached to try and get him off a mongoose said, "Don't go getting all bendy on me!" Jayne says practically the same thing after Simon drugs him in "The Train Job". He asks "Why is everyone getting all bendy" or something like that. He also exclaims, "Shiny!" when he spots the Master Chief. Sometimes if you stare at the character he's voicing he'll say something like, "Dear Diary - today a big scary man stared at me and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would". I was having so much fun with "Jayne" being my riding companion on the mongoose. If he got killed I'd kill myself just so I could redo that part and keep him with me as long as possible.

Nathan you hear all through the game and every once in awhile you'll catch something very Mal like. He's listed as one of the secondary sergeants so he is Sgt. Reynolds! I really got a kick out of that when I heard him say the "Reynold's out" bit! And another time after you finish up the mission at the base and you're in a underground hangar(?) with a bunch of soldiers (right before you get on the jeeps and Mal/Nathan say's "The chief has the right idea" you'll here Mal/Nathan say something about "If you can walk, put your boots to the line". Now, I'm not sure if Mal ever said something like that in Firefly but it sure sounded familiar and like something he would say. Another time I was supposed to open a door but I was trying to get Nathan to say more so I kept staring at him. He told me to go open the door because I was supposed to be the big hero!

Alan I hear here and there but his voice is harder to pick up because other voices sound similar. And the few times I'm sure it was him it was in heavy battle so hard to catch what he was saying as I'm trying to fight off tanks and scarabs!

Katee Sackhoff is another fun one to stare at to get funny comments. She asked, "Do you have a problem Sir?" in a very Starbuck like manner. Called me "creepo" and told me to stop staring at her! And after accidentally shooting at her she yelled that we were "friendlys" which Starbuck exclaims when she sees human gearing up to battle against human in BSG. She also yells out "Frack! I've been hit" one time too!

I thoroughly love Halo 3 but hearing our Big Damn Heroes and Starbuck throughout the game made it an unbelievable fun experience for me! In one battle I had Nathan, Adam and Katee as my riding companions and it was a blast just trying to listen to what they were saying!

Now I'm looking forward to playing Half-Life to hear some more of Adam!
Holy crap! I knew Adam was in Halo 3, but I had no idea about Alan, Nathan and Katee! I am going to pay a whole lot more attention next time I pick up that controller!
Firefly Flanatic, thanks for sharing the list. I don't have the game (or the whatever you need to play it!) so I would never actually hear the sound bytes, but I really got a laugh out of reading them in your post :-)
I knew I had heard Adam in HL2: Episode Two, and it was awesome fighting off antlions with him. I don't have a 360 but now I wish I did after hearing about THREE Firefly actors being it. Thanks Bungie.
Yea, thanks Firefly Flanatic. My boyfriend is one of those crazies that bought Halo 3 without yet owning a 360. I'm not the biggest Halo fan, but I wish he'd get the console so I could sit and listen for the BDHs. (However, if you look at the credits I'm told that all the famous people as voice actors are listed)
I actually was watching my roommate play earlier before I left for work and I KNEW I hear Jayne and nobody believed me.

Then he said something in the most Jayne like delivery I have ever heard sounding something like "Bananas? We have bananas?" And my roommates realized I was right. It was hilarious.
Reports from the field

I remember someone on Nathan's myspace saying they saved Nathan's character on the first level and then pointed their gun at his character and after awhile he said some funny stuff.

liamDE55 posted elsewhere about finding Nathan's character:
So I come round a corner in Halo 3 and there he is, bieng held by a Brute Chieften round his neck.

Show us Location!

Sgt. Raynolds
Kiss.. My.. A**!

I feed my Needler to the Brute and he drops down and tells us "Brute Chieften, Phantom, pinned us down, killed my men".

Try to get him in a Warthog, he's a great gunner "Who gunned that sniper? I wanna shake his hand"! Lol
Alan was actually talking about doing Halo 3 in his panel at Armageddon in Melbourne on the weekend. He said a few of the lines that he has as well as what Nathan and Adam said. I can't remember exactly, I was too busy being all fangirly that I was in the same room as him.

He complained that a lot of his lines sound a bit wimpy compared to Nathan and Adam's. It seemed like he had a great time doing it though.

My friend actually asked him how it came about while she was getting his Autograph and he said that Bugie approached them to do the voices.
This game makes me violently ill. Motion sickness. It's a real shame, as I bought a 360 to play Halo 3. No other game has had this effect on me - including Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. I am severly disheartened, being left behind in this way. Age has its curses, sigh.
Sorry to hear about that Naupua. If you're playing on a big screen tv try and sit further away from the tv if you can and try playing with some lights on. Also, try moving a bit slower and just walk around a bit in the beginning until you get used to the motions. I've had some motion issues myself when starting a couple of games and those tricks seem to work for me. Prey was one of them that I had to ease myself into with all the crazy flip flopping involved.

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