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October 15 2007

Our Mrs. Reynolds on Conan tonight (10/16)! Christina Hendricks will be on Conan O'Brien to plug the season finale of AMC's "Mad Men", coming Thursday night. She was rescheduled from Monday's show

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... in what will be the most redheaded interview ever! =)
Hmm, the calendar from the Conan page says tomorrow. But TitanTV listings do say today...

p.s. "If they mated", the kid would be Carrot Top!
Carrot Top? The kid would really be Danny Bonaduce pre-puberty!
Anywho, I'm going by the NBC calendar in when she'll be on, but she will be there. Heck, if it is tomorrow, at least Jake Gyllenhaal will be there, too.
Hm, I think it makes more sense she would be on tomorrow. Because on the NBC calendar instead of listing both guests like it's supposed to for tomorrow, it lists one guest and a musical guest. And for today, it lists two guests but no musical guest. But we'll see tonight, I guess.

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