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October 15 2007

Amy Acker in Ghost Whisperer. She appears in the Halloween episode on 26 October.

I suspect this is a show not all will be fond of, but I think it's fun. I find it difficult not to respond favourably to someone as perky as JLH.

Is this correct? As is one of those sites that anyone can add info to. Bit like IMDB.
There are screencaps from the episode. However, the only source where I have been able to find them so far is a site we must not link to or mention. However, they do offer proof that Acker does, indeed, make an appearance in 'Ghost Whisperer'.

Edit to add a different link I have found to the pictures here. I don't know if this is definitive proof, but it certainly suggests that JLH and Amy Acker have appeared together in something.

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Amy Acker = My favorite actress.
So Fred's soul wasn't destroyed?
I have watched many episodes of Ghost Whisperer and look forward to seeing one that's Acker-packed.
Here is a better confirmation, from CBS's listing at The Futon Critic.

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