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October 15 2007

Christina Hendricks gets Fugged. The notorious Fug Girls give our Mrs. Reynolds the once over, and no matter whether you agree with the celebrity fashion critics, there's no denying that the girl can work the red carpet like nobody's business.

I agree the make-up and cleavage is too much, but love to see pale beauties on the red carpet! :)
Wow. Her wardrobe on Firefly in no way does her figure justice.

However, she appears to be using Homer Simpson's failed "make-up gun" invention.
The cleavage seems to be reaching new heights but she's still very much a stunner in that outfit.
Make up often looks a lot thicker in digital photos than in real life. I've no doubt that given the event the evening-style make up was appropriate. She looks amazing.
Yep, she's clearly going for "super sexy, slightly vampy" and mission, IMO, accomplished.

Maybe the camera over-saturates reds slightly ?
All I can say is... 'Oooo look at those'
Agreed, nice shoes.


What ?
Christina is gorgeous and when it comes to posing for red carpet photos she is one of the best. I mean why else would this photo be kicking the deaylights out of all the others for most views with over 10,000 hits, the next most viewed only has a little over 7,000. She is stunning and photos do not do her justice, they are a pale imitation compared to the real thing and you couldn't want to meet a nicer more friendlier person. I remember at Wizard World people walking by they booth where she was signing just stopping in the middle of the isle to stare at her.
Oh I'm sorry, she's wearing shoes?
Ugh. CH is far prettier than this photo even barely suggest. Her pneumatic cleavage borders on the ridiculous, and her 80s style dress is inexcusable.

I blame her stylist. Christina is becoming very high-profile, and her outward presentation should reflect that with a little class, please.

I think that she should wear her Mad Men clothes everywhere she goes :). Those 60s styles were made for a voluptuous, womanly figure such as hers.
I quite like the dress but I don't think she needs to work the cleavage quite so much any more. She's a talented actress with looks to spare. I agree with Willowy, a little more class would make her even more gorgeous.
RavenU couldn't be more right about how nice she is. At Flanvention, we were joking about how someone that gorgeous could totally get away with being a bitch. But instead she's one of the nicest, sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. Which, of course, just makes ya love her more.

Even better, she's a total closet nerd. When she was a guest on her brother Aaron's GeeksOn podcast (along with Firefly editor Lisa Lassek), she let a bit of her geeky nature show. Plus, bonus, it's a hell of a great podcast. I first listened because Christina was on it, and now (two years later) I'm almost as big a fan of the podcast as I am of Chrisina. Although she's still much prettier than the geek boys.
I've always suspected it, but now it has been confirmed: So-called "beauty make-up" is evil and should never have been invented. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - make-up and tight clothing belong on mimes.
Uh huh, "Kaftans: The New Slinky - Film at 11". As ideas go Vince, it's got legs. You just can't see them ;).

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