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October 16 2007

Waiting to buy the Angel Collection DVD(R1) Box Set, well your wait is over. FOX has set up an exclusive deal with Best Buy stores to sell the DVD set 2 weeks before the regular release date of October 30th, when it will be available through other retailers. So that means the Angel DVD Box set is available TODAY from Best Buy!

and just to confirm, there is no special feature disc, correct? Is there a special booklet at least???

This is actually a good price, so I'll probably end up buying it anyway.
I just went out and bought it from Best Buy. It caused me to miss the cable guy and now everyone's mad at me, but that's okay because it was only 99.99!!

They only had 5 copies.
If they had announced this 6 months ago I would have been the first to order, but Costco has had the old Angel DVDs available at great low prices, so I've already bought them all.
Figures. Pre-ordered this ages ago to lock in a low price... and now Best Buy has it at the same price and early. Typical.
I had pre ordered mine from Amazon for $97... but decided to pick it up today at Best Buy for $99
Wow. $99 is not bad. No Best Buy here though, and the website is "backordered 1-2 weeks." So I'll probably be waiting a few weeks anyway.
Yeah, I pre-ordered from Amazon back in July for $97.99. I'll wait...this is one of those things I utterly did not need (already having several full sets of Angel...and Buffy...and Firefly), but I wanted nonetheless.

Want, click, have.
We caved. Cancelled pre-order and went to Best Buy (on our way to see Across the Universe for the third time... and yes we ARE crazy, thanks for asking.)
Happy Birthday to me! I was going to wait a few more months, but when I saw this post today, I knew I had to have it now. Love the note from Joss. I actually haven't watched 'Angel' reruns for awhile, living in my Buffy boxed set for the last year. I can't wait to crack it open and relive the good times.
I thought so! I've already preordered ming through the whedonesque store on amazon (or at least that's what I *think* I did). I don't get mine until it gets here around Nov. 7th :(.
I just went to Best Buy tonight to buy my steelbook three-disc copy of Planet Terror (which unfortunately was already sold out) and I saw the Angel set. Not following these kinds of things since I already own all five seasons, I was like, "Huh, didn't know this was out yet."

Very nice.
I second Harmalicious's question... are there any must-have extras that I wouldn't have because I already bought the individual seasons?
The R2 box set comes with a booklet and a "Letter from Joss" to the fans, apart from that there are no extras over and above the separate seasons (which doesn't definitively mean the R1 set won't have any but AFAIK, content wise, it's the same).

If you have all of Angel already i'd say it's quite a marginal buy unless you're really short of shelf-space, a slightly obsessed completist or just have to have the entire series in one box (it is quite a nice package).
Thanks, Saje - it's hard not to get the box, just because, well, that slightly OCD part of me would like the symmetry of the two boxes next to one another, since I have the Buffy box set... but finances currently dictate overcoming this and being happy with what I already have! (The booklet would be nice, though. But no...!)

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