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October 16 2007

Once More With Feeling original poster artwork for sale on Ebay! I was doing my usual Ebay hunting and came across a comic/Buffy related Holy actual Adam Hughes sketchbook. As I investigated further, one of the sketches is a conceptual drawing of the poster for OMWF!

This is way out of my price range but I thought everyone would be interested in checking it out. And who knows, maybe someone with the means will win it. Personally, I think this belongs in the hands of a Buffy fan! (The OMWF pic is at the bottom)

I say this with complete and total sincerity... *ZOINKS!!*
The OMWF poster is cool but...

Does Buffy look more like Kristy Swanson than SMG? Or is it just me?
The design he went with is a great SMG likeness, as are all the faces on the poster. I have it hanging in my home office (now, used to be in my living room), and Buffy is kind of half-smiling, or looking like she's about to. Not a full-on grin like on that version.

Mildly interesting to note also, that he changed the date from Nov. 5th on the sketch, to November 6 on the actual poster.
Nice sketches but if i'm gonna sell a kidney, it'll be for Jo Chen originals ;). The OMWF sketch is clearly a concept drawing but even in that early stage the Xander and Willow likenesses are pretty reasonable.

(one tiny quibble, Lara Croft didn't use a Desert Eagle, she used twin H&K's)
Does Buffy look more like Kristy Swanson than SMG?

I had the very same thought when I first looked at it!
If I had $5000 to spend, I'd rather buy dinner with Joss.

Oops, make that $6100.

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Thank you Karosurly, it's not just me!
Wow. Expensive indeed. But at $6100 that's really just $100 per page, right? And if you look at the additional full list of photots you'll see there are three different versions of the OMWF poster. :-)

I wonder if he would have made even more by selling it page-by-page, since it would make the individual drawings more accessible to members of the corresponding fandoms. Very few people are going to pay the true value of the whole book if they're not a fan of every drawing. But they'd be more than happy to participate in a bidding war for just their favorite(s).
What's up with the cowboy on one of the OMWF pages?
Deleted scenes? Special edition?
Or is a Adam Hughes a not-so-secret Bonanza/Buffy crossover shipper?!? (I've heard rumors about that crowd, you see.)

Either way, I hope the sketchbook goes to a good and loving owner. One that is, obviously, more than a tad richer than me!
The seller probably would have made more money selling page by page, but they might not have wanted to take the sketchbook apart or deal with that many auctions. Doesn't mean the buyer won't do just that. The OMWF sketches may very well come up for sale before too long.

I'm behind the curve... I didn't even KNOW Hughes did the OMWF poster. I'm a fan of the covers he's done for Catwoman in recent years, though.
I wonder how much the Screen Actors' Guild will be asking for on this...

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