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May 21 2003

She saved the world. With Macs. Macintosh gossip site "As The Apple Turns" posts a loving tribute to their favorite show.

"Truth be told, though, 'Buffy' isn't nearly as off-topic as some might think. There are several ways in which the show was connected with AtAT's usual subject matter; in all but the first couple of seasons, Apple products essentially ruled the show, from Willow's ever-updating parade of PowerBooks to the Evil Trio's massive assortment of G4s and Cinema Displays. (The bad guys always have the best stuff.) Plus, several of the uglier demons to appear on the show were, in large part, based on Steve Ballmer."

"The simple fact of the matter is that we love "Buffy" because what sets "Buffy" apart from the rest of the shows out there is much the same stuff as what distinguishes a Mac from the rest of the beige boxes."

Enough said.
Gotta love the folks over at AtAT! They even named their daughter Anya... betcha can't guess what fluffy, cotton tailed critter they dressed her up as for halloween :)

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