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October 16 2007

Interview with Joss at Geek Monthly. There's just a "sample" of it.

In the magazine, it says that there's more of the interview on the website, but this was all I could find there now.

Man, that is one evil, evil tease. Heh.
Man, that is one evil, evil tease. Heh.

It is. The interview goes on to talk more about Angel, Angel: After the Fall, Joss and TV, a lot of stuff we've been talking about here lately. I noticed the issue doesn't officially come out until the 18th, maybe they'll put the rest up then,
Wherever I move to, his eyes keep... followin' me.
Their site looks to be down for the moment, it used to be full of content. Hopefully they will have the real site back up soon with the extended interview.
I just subscribed, but it says my first issue won't arrive for "4 to 6 weeks" so unless anyone has experience otherwise, I guess I won't receive the current issue?
I was somewhat surprised by some of what he said about S4. I
was under the impression that he was really brassed off by
CC's pregnancy and that the arc had to be drastically changed
at the last minute. And all of that seemed (logically) to lead
to no CC in S5.

Now supposedly Cordy was to be the Big Bad of S4. I have always
interpreted that to mean no Jasmine, and thus no Connor-Cordy
yuckiness (imo). But the man said that the aforesaid yuckiness
came earlier than originally planned because of the RL pregnancy.
Which means that it was part of the original plan which of
course makes me wrong.........again. And further he said he
thought it turned out to be a terrific season. So things in S4
were not screwed up as bad as I had thought. That makes
Charisma's S5 release very puzzling.
hmmm, maybe not JDL - i knew it was always planned to have Cordy sleep with Connor, but perhaps in the original plan she wasn't going to get pregnent out of it... and the sleeping together would serve a more emotional function in the story.
totally a tease.

just reading joss talk abut tv gives me the chills. if i could make anything in the realm of film or tv happen it would be a new Joss show, preferably angel season 6. im gonna keep those hopes up. if its gonna happen it would have to happen in like the next 3 years. (in regards to the vampires not aging thing)

If this didnt happen i would love to see him start a new show with a completely different mythology and hopefully starring Kristen Bell.
"One year after its international debut" ? Funny, I could swear i've owned it for about 18 months and that was after procrastinating about buying it (and waiting to see if the price came down - which it did though, somewhat predictably, about a month after I bought it ;). Are they thinking of a re-issue date maybe ?

Teasy McTease, started out well though, may see if I can get the magazine over here.
"If the stakes aren't high then neither is the audience" Joss Whedon's shows in a nutshell.
Who is the 12-year-old in the picture?
Caroline ... that would be Joss :) ... I bet he has a portrait in an attic somewhere.
I can't believe season 4 was his favorite. I always thought the CC and Conner thing was a little creepy because of the age difference and the fact that she used to change his diapers. CC would have made one awesome villain(that whole higher being thing was crap). I really missed her in season 5. And Jasmine? I've tried to mentally block that part of the season from my mind.
That, and it is a really old picture.
I always thought the CC and Conner thing was a little creepy

I think that was the whole point.
I loved Jasmine. Gina played creepy very well.
Good to see Joss agrees that S4 rocked. I thought every season was brilliant.

And, yes, what a tease! I want to read the rest...

Also...the picture. We needs to get a new standard-issue Joss photo.
I'm happy for the interview/tease, but "Joss One Minute" is probably not the kind of headline that most men would want.
I think of Jasmine in the same way I think of something like
Gilbert & Sullivan; I can both admire it & yet not like it at
the same time. The story was technically well-written & Gina's
take on the character was very reasonable. But the actual story
was not to my taste.
i thought jasmine was great in twilighty zone way. just like doublemeat palace, which it seems people didnt love either. i thought they were great examples of how strange and tongue-in-cheek the shows could get.

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