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October 17 2007

Alan Tudyk Talks Serenity 2 At Armageddon. He's just not done spreading those rumours in this video clip from the recent Armageddon convention.

Hey, there's the back of my head!
What is the chance of a another movie, really? Hollywood is fond of doing sequels, but very few deliver. Most just rehash an earlier story.

Obviously fans will back it to the hilt, but will that be enough given that Serenity wasn't exactly a blockbuster?
Bring it on! I'd buy tickets today.
Alan sounds very confident. A tiny bit of hope starts to grow.
And may I say that he is looking very fit?
So yeah, I may be stupid but I can't find said video clip... Where is it?
Lioness said: And may I say that he is looking very fit?

Ummm, yeah. I was noticing that too.
Djungelurban, you should see an (empty?) square in the middle of the page, and below it a line that says something like "Don't see the video? Click here." And clicking should get you a new window with the video if your browser can play the mpg file.

Alan seems sincere--I think he believes something is moving in the right direction. I'm not going to let my hopes rise too much yet.
Alan certainly does seem to think that something may happen. I'm still not sure that he actually has any firm evidence though. And he says that this info is coming from Nathan so why haven't we heard anything from him as well (or Joss for that matter.)
Seems closer and closer to an actual thing. Waiting on Joss though for the official anouncement to truly get my hopes up.
Ahhhh... Didn't scroll that far since I just saw empty space below... Now I feel silly ;)

EDIT: Well, yeah. Seems sincere... And it probably is, cause I'm certain that he has no desire to trick the fans (you know, we ARE kinda nutty so you don't wanna do that). Not sure it means it will happen but it's the best indication we've had so far. I've always thought that a sequel should be able to be made much cheaper than 40 mil. It's a space/western. Last one was space focused so just let this one be more focused on more planetary matters. Should keep the budget down considerably.

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Lioness said: And may I say that he is looking very fit?

Ummm, yeah. I was noticing that too.

Also, either he has shrunk a little or that chair he is sitting in is really, really big.

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Must... not... raise... hopes... hurt...



And he says that this info is coming from Nathan so why haven't we heard anything from him as well...

Well that's the weird thing. After the first Alan dust-up, apparently someone did ask Nathan. And he said there was nothing happening. Heh.
I also thought about the Nathan not hearing anything about it bit. Maybe some miscommunication going on there between Nathan and Alan?
Nathan's been rather busy with filming Trucker (and I believe another film tho I have no evidence of that) and also Desperate Housewives - so I'm not really surprised he hasn't' commented, he hasn't posted to myspace for ages
Maybe Nathan can keep a secret and Alan can't?
I took the Nathan comment as a joke actually. Sort of like... "And if this turns out to not be true.. blame Nathan. Not me." But that's just how it sounded to me.
You know I think this is a circle. This is what I think happened.

Joss says hope for more Firefly/Serenity rests with the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. Nathan reads that cause we were all posting about it on his myspace page. Nathan talks to Alan about what Joss said. Alan says something months later. We think someone at Universal has talked to Alan. But the information is really tracing back to what Joss said originally.

So just keep buying/plugging the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD.
I think it may be a little more promising than that, Anony. Not much more, but...

Say Universal is thinking about a sequel--nothing firm, still in the thinking stage. They ask Joss if he would be interested if/when/maybe. Now who is the one actor they couldn't do the sequel without? Nathan. As much as we love all the characters, living and dead, the only character that *needs* to come back is Mal. So who is the one person Joss would ask, "hey, if this happens, are you in?" Nathan. But Joss doesn't contact the other actors because there is nothing happening yet, if at all. Meanwhile, Nathan calls his good friend Alan, and Alan spills the beans.

I have no idea if this is what is going on, but it would explain Joss and Nathan's silence (nothing to say... yet), and the fact that Alan knows enough to know there is a buzz, but not much more.
Dizzy, to add fuel to your conspiracy theory about Nathan, let's look at it this way: Of the original Firefly cast, who's career has evolved enough since then that they could *afford* to turn down a sequel? Let's leave aside that from all appearances, everyone involved loves Joss, loves their characters, and loves their co-workers, and just talk pure greed for a bit:

* Nathan wasn't anyone particularly special before, but he's gotten a bunch of work and a bunch of visibility (and favorable comparisons to a young Harrison Ford) since then. He'd be the one the producers to secure.
* Summer's profile has also been increasing. Ditto Morena's, although Morena had a couple more pre-Firefly credits than Summer. While they may not have been able to turn down Serenity, as it was just too good of a career move to pass up, they're both probably in with the next group now:
* Adam, Jewel, Ron, Gina, and Alan are all working actors. They've done lots before, they're working now, and they'll probably have TV and character-actor film work as long as they want. If they wanted to walk away (and face it, Wash and Book are limited to flashbacks, unless Joss pulls something *really* interesting...) they could afford to, but there's no particular reason for them to do so.
* Sean has been doing less than most. I don't see him turning down a chance to revisit Simon, from a purely economic standpoint.

In other words, I agree with your analysis that Nathan is really the one to secure.
Maybe it's just me with my over-sensitive, quivering, not-quite-daring-to-hope-because-of-the-pain heart, but I really wish these rumors weren't continuing without some sort of official word on them. It all feels a little cruel, although I know no one is meaning it to be.

Sadly, I tend to believe all this evolved as Anonymous1 proposed. I don't wish to rain on anyone else's parade, though. For those who like nurturing hope, keep on keeping on. One thing of which there can be little doubt: any hope of a sequel probably rests with the sales numbers of the latest DVD. I did my part - I bought 4 of them.
phlebotinin, every so often Joss pops in and puts these persistent rumours to rest. The last time was almost a year ago exactly, where he said if there's news, he'd be on here to say it.

The news is this: Universal liked how the first DVD did, so they put out another. If they were going to do another film, it'd take them a whole bunch of time to look at the sales and number crunch. It's a bit early to be saying yay or nae, basically.

This one does remind me of the news article that came out just before the movie was released in theatres, claiming Universal was scrambling to sign the cast for sequels. One, the movie wasn't out then, and two, they were already under sequel contract anyway - they had to do it if 'versal wanted.
Heh, phlebotinin, don't mistake what I think may have happened with optimism. :)

Even if there is buzz, all it is is buzz. Which is better than no buzz, but buzz doesn't make a sequel. In fact, even if His Purpleness came here today and said, "Yay! Universal wants another!" I'd still be wary. Too many things could still go wrong; too many ways it could still not happen.

The one thing that still gives me the idea that there is more to this than Anony's circle theory is that Alan is still talking about this, and Joss hasn't commented. A few days ago, I didn't see the lack of comment by Joss as very significant, but then he posted in another thread. If this were nothing more than rumor, why not shoot it down? I think the reason is that there is some talk, but Joss knows if he can't post anything like that--because, oi, the rumors that would spread if he said there was talk.
Out of curiousity, how do you find out about DVD sales and overall revenue generated by Serenity?
BTW, certainly if Universal would greenlight a TV show like Flash Gordon or Eureka for the Sci-Fi network, they would pony-up on a hot commodity like Firefly or Serenity and perhaps renew the series? It could even take place before or after the other series/movie. ...Something to consider.
The Sci-Fi network is very different to Universal Studios, toontimer. Also, something like Flash Gordon or Eureka are very cheap (in comparsion to Firefly) series built from the ground up. Setting Firefly back up for TV would be near impossible (half the actors have moved on, for one thing), and would cost A Lot of money.

DVD sales and overall revenue figures aren't known.

Obviously, though, I'm not saying Universal won't ever do anything. If they look at it and go 'Hey, we could make a load of money here', I can't see something not happening.

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My optimism agrees with Dizzy. I think that Joss not having put these rumours to rest, while he must have seen them is a positive thing. If there were indeed 'talks' about a sequel, then Joss wouldn't want to say anything probably until there was a green light flashing somewhere.
I think part of the problem is because Joss occasionally shoots down rumours here, there's a lot of assumption that everything he ignores must be true. If you look at the ratio of crap rumours Whedonesque* has covered to amount Joss has shot down, it's actually pretty low. It's a tiny amount, in fact.

* That's not a dig at Whedonesque, as pretty much all the crap rumours have been covered as crap rumours from the outset.
There's always the possibility that Joss has forgotten his password again, Gossi! Hope springs eternal in the Browncoat breast. :D
Gotta say I agree with gossi in his latest comment. Joss does not shoot down all rumors on Whedonesque that turn out to be crap, nor can that be expected of him in this rumors-crazed world. Furthermore, we cannot assume that Joss has his eyeballs glued to Whedonesque every day. These threads disappear off the front page pretty quickly. It's possible that he's missed the Alan-related ones, His Purpleness being a super-busy man and all.

I stand corrected on your lack of cock-eyed optimisim, Dizzy. :)
Yep also with the gossi agreement. Did Joss, for instance, ever specifically and explicitly come on here and shoot down each Wonder Woman casting rumour ? Cos if not that's a whole load of women appearing in one film. And Morgan Freeman ;).

My hope level is still on Bikini White basically. Still, if there actually is "actual talk", that'd be fairly fantastic, and if the talk is actually actualised that'd be fantasticer. Then if it's a blockbuster when it's released and brilliant, leading to numerous sequels all of the same high-quality that'd be the fantasticest.
Well, I'm optimistic. I guess my feeling is that Joss does tend to come here when stuff gets out of control. When we're thinking "Firefly Season 2? OH MY GOD!" he's here the next day! When Priyanka Chopra is Wonder Woman. Well, that's obviously a farce. The Jossman don't need to tell us that.

Good gravy this is gonna hurt when it's not true...

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I can't help but think if Joss isn't saying something to squelch these rumors, he's not 'allowed' to say anything, which means perhaps there is something to the rumors after all . . .
This isnít an ordinary rumor: it stems from what a main cast member has said and keeps saying. So in that regard, I think Joss would address the rumor if Alan was wrong.

I doubt he is oblivious to what is going on--this is making news. And he does like to keep us in the loop; he's very considerate that way. I just don't believe he'd let us twist so long without commenting on what Alan said... if it needed correction or if he could say more.

There's something about *this* lack of silence that seems meaningful. And I like to think I'm pessimistic enough that I wouldn't fall prey to reading too much into any of this.
Gotta say I'm with the Gossi agreement on this. His Purpleness rarely pipes up on such rumors. And why should he speak to every rumor that comes up, anyway? I don't think one can assume that his lack of comment is somehow tacit agreement with what the rumor is -- or is in any way meaningful.
I agree with everything that Dizzy's saying right about now.
My fingers are cramping from keeping them crossed. I give up. I will uncross until I hear official word from Big P. I mean come on, a girl's gotta be able to use her fingers...for typing and stuff.

And now that I've actually watched the video, did you guys notice Alan's very pretty arms. Mmmmm, muscular boy arms. I'm a sucker for a red head of any kind!

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I live in the land where hope has eternal springs bolted onto it... but even I don't see what Alan said as a "rumor" that more Serenity is about to be greenlit.

What Alan says is that there is "talk" about doing another movie based on the excellent sales of the DVDs. "Talk" in Hollywood is just that... talk... until a studio puts some money behind it. But I'll sure take talk over no talk. Talk can be very good... it creates this interesting buzz sound, then buzz can take on a life of it's own. Buzz can keep building, as we've seen.

Alan's enthusiasm is awesome in itself. I love seeing that he is still very interested in being a part of the next incarnation(s) of the 'Verse, especially since he has been invovled in so many hit movies, and a hit play. The fact that he, and the rest of the cast, remain interested in revisiting their roles is music to my ears... shiny 'Verse music.

I see this all as an encouraging outpost of news that, although our long slog to more of the 'Verse can be wearisome, we're flying in the right direction. So let's keep doing what we've been doing, spreading the word and promote the CE DVD... but maybe put some more heat under it. Buzz likes heat, which may explain why Mr. W isn't particularly interested in throwing cold water on this nice warm, buzzy rumor.

For anyone who likes to do the guerilla marketing thing, which by the way really is fun to do, I've added bookmarks to our arsenal which specifically promote the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. Also, some of the posters have been updated too, with another one coming soon. Find all the goodies here.
11th Hour, you are SO awesome.
Jewel just posted on her myspace that Alan is either wrong or being wildly misinterpreted. There are no current sequel plans. But we already knew that.
Out of curiousity, how do you find out about DVD sales and overall revenue generated by Serenity?
BTW, certainly if Universal would greenlight a TV show like Flash Gordon or Eureka for the Sci-Fi network, they would pony-up on a hot commodity like Firefly or Serenity and perhaps renew the series? It could even take place before or after the other series/movie. ...Something to consider.

toontimer | October 17, 20:37 CET

Hey toontimer, don't be mentioning Flash Gordon and Eureka in the same breath, OK?
Eureka is actually a good show, where Flash doesn't and is, from what I've heard, canceled. "Eureka" is coming back for a 3rd season. "Flash" most likely won't see a 2nd. (If this is, indeed, true? Thank the gods. Yeesh.)
Besides, Fox/News Corp own Firefly, not Universal, so it's not Universal's to 'revive'. They'd have to buy it or license it from Fox, which is another expense on top of everything else.
; )
Now, as for Alan and rumours, etc: Universal may, indeed, be talking about Serenity 2. If the sales are looking that good, of course they'd probably be talking about it. But, until it's greenlighted, it's only talk.
As much as I want to see another Serenity, I'm not thinking anything about it until I see that post from Joss sayin' "Oh, and by the way...IT'S ON!"
: )

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