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"Did I fall asleep?"
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October 17 2007

Skepticality #063 Podcast Op-Ed "Where Do We Go From Here?" cites BtVS & Angel. The Skepticality podcast features an op-ed by Daniel Loxton where he uses both our favorite musical episode and the final Angel episode to illustrate his viewpoint.

Hey, I'm a skeptic, and I tried listening to the podcast. My word for it - yawn? How about double yawn, with a side of "zzzzz." If he had a point to make, I missed it, 'cause I gave up after about five minutes. Even when writing scholarly articles, please, get to the point. Don't bore the reader... er, um, listener. Don't make me sleepy by citing a litany of scholarly references. Put those at the end, if you must have them at all.

The catch was Buffy singing, but even that didn't make me want to keep listening until he wound his way around to whatever point he was snaking up to.

As Dark Willow would say, "blah, blah, blah."

[ edited by quantumac on 2007-10-17 23:27 ]
Wow, thanks for the link, what a nice surprise. To the person who already had something negative to say: I hope you get puppet cancer. :)
Hey swoopy, no problem. I loved that episode and what Daniel had to say - and I have ADHD!
(What color ribbon do you wear to support the cure for puppet cancer?)

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