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October 17 2007

A few more spots just opened on the Browncoat Cruise. But act fast, because the cruise line can't hold the spaces very much longer.

Excellent news!
How many people are going on it?
I don't have the exact number in front of me, but it's between 200-215 people. Fairly small, which should make it even more fun.
well it would be bigger than any shindig I have been to, and I have never been to a convention!
B3 was a nice intimate shindig... what was the final count on that again, Lexigeek? About 250-275?
B3 was indeed a nice intimate shindig!
I can't get the time off of work now but it's cool. I guess.

Jeremy, did Clare cancel??
Unfortunately, Carnival has a regulation that prevents guests over 6 months pregnant from being on the cruise, and Clare fits in that category. We really wanted Clare to be part of our experience because she is a Browncoat at heart, and she wanted to be too.

I'm actively looking for a replacement guest. With many of the people I've approached, such as Greg Edmonson and Lisa Lassek, they are interested in coming but won't know their availability until we are closer. There are some other interesting possibilities in the works. I'll keep everyone posted.

Browncoat Cruise
I hope Greg Edmonson can go. Even though I can't go on the BC Cruise (stupid work!) he was such a dearheart at B3 and just a joy to listen to. Everyone should get to meet him and listen to him talk.

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