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October 17 2007

Sarah is one of the hottest women of the 90s. Remember the 90's? Top names the hottest women of the 90's.

Sarah comes in at number 8. I'd mark her much higher, but, I'm biased. Borderline SFW.

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OK. It's been too long since Joss did TV. I actually couldn't think of who "Sarah" was for a moment...
My first thought? Sarah Connor... :|
You mean Linda Hamilton, but she would belong there.
But note Gillian Anderson is number two. Very impressive.
Not to harshen anyone's buzz, but any chance we could get a spelling correction on "hotest"? 'Cause right now, it's reading a bit like SMG passed her ho' test, possibly in the 90's...
Sorry, my kids where hanging on me as I typed....
Hmmph. Not the best list ever. Of the three three-name starlets that immediately pop to my mind when I think 90's, one is way too high (Jennifer Love Hewitt), another just about right (Tiffany Amber Thiessen), and the third way too low. You know who I mean.
You mean Linda Hamilton, but she would belong there.

Nah, I meant Sarah Connor. I'm not saying the first association my brain made, made any sense.

I'm not sure if Linda Hamilton would belong in a top 20, but then again the idea of a 'top 20 hottest women', which clearly isn't an objective thing, is kinda silly. (I mean, Jenny McCarthy? Not on my list. And certainly not at the top spot :-p).
Sorry to sound so... male... but IMO, that list is made of awesome.

I, of course, would also rate SMG a little higher, and others much lower, but as someone who was a teen throughout the '90s, the overall names on the list are pretty spot-on.
What happens, they lose all their hotness at midnight on December 31st (won't get into the whole 2000/2001 debate - think i've grown ;) ?

Most of those women are what you might call "FHM Hot", which is fine, it has its place. Attractiveness is way more than just 'hotness' though (e.g. Aly Hannigan is profoundly attractive IMO but her attempt to do "FHM Hot" was, well, let's just leave it at "ill-advised").
Saying SMG "peaked" in 1999 is bit ridiculous.
What the duce!? No Lucy Lawless!!!? For shame!
She's not really my cup of tea, but I don't think you can do a top 20 list of the hottest women of the 90's and just completely ignore Pamela Anderson.

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