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October 17 2007

Jewel Staite Addresses Serenity 2 Rumors. Among other topics, Jewel states that a Serenity sequel has not been greenlit as of yet in her latest blog post.

of course she didn't see the video of Alan Tudyk saying the same thing at the Australian convention.
Remember Hope for more Firefly/Serenity STILL rests with the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD!
I'm exhausted and am trying to get offline so I can relax and get ready to get some sleep.
And then I read Jewell's blog post and it actually made me laugh out loud.
Thank you for the great post, girl.
(Mouth to mouth with Duchovny. Dang. Lucky twelve-year-old. I'd've been standing behind the cameras 'n' shootin' daggers too, sweetie. Sorry.)
; )
Let's let her write the sequel.
Anyway, he was very nice to me, and I would love to work with him again someday where he would be more, er, appreciated. You know, as an actor.

Now I'm seeing images of Jewel in Californication, and it's freaking me out.
I'm starting feel a little sorry for all the cast -- they are going to be swamped with sequel speculation at the Creation and Starfury cons in a couple of weeks.

But wouldn't that be the perfect time for an announcement? Serenity 2, Goners, I don't care, any kind of an announcement would do!
cabri, there is no announcement. Not ever, just now. (It's October 2006!).
Are you announcing that gossi ?

JS bringing the funny. And the pretty. And the talentedy. Top spottie, posdef ;). Great to hear she seems to be fitting into the SG:A cast (though both Stargates were/are widely known for their friendly sets) and yep, David Hewlett always seems to be great, sarky fun in any interviews i've read.

Fingers crossed for yet another spin-off, "Stargate: Keller and McKay, oh Aye". Could happen - we just have to "nudge" the definition of "could" very slightly.
I imagine had Serenity 2 been greenlit that there would be a big announcement already. What it seems to be that Alan Tudyk is saying is that there's talk among Universal about the possibility of a sequel because of the sales of the DVD. Which may not to much, but is a lot more than what it was before the CE version of the DVD came out.
Well, in fairness, we don't know that Matt_Fabb - i.e. the talk may have been at exactly the same level since the original DVD release. The only causal link even Alan has made is that high sales of the original DVD led to Universal creating the CE DVD, AFAIK even he (or Nathan ;) isn't claiming that high sales of the CE have led to the (alleged) sequel talks.

Do we even know how well the CE DVD's selling so far, BTW ?
I'm just glad that we're here, most of us anyway, in October 2007 and there is STILL a bit of hope for more Serenity - even if it's just a small hope...
I imagine had Serenity 2 been greenlit that there would be a big announcement already. What it seems to be that Alan Tudyk is saying is that there's talk among Universal about the possibility of a sequel because of the sales of the DVD. Which may not to much, but is a lot more than what it was before the CE version of the DVD came out.
Matt_Fabb | October 18, 12:33 CET

That was my impression as well - that there were more talks of Serenity 2 - not that anything was actually greenlit. Still - talks are better than what we had before, right?
That's if there are talks going on.
And I just have to say I LOVE Jewel Staite's blog entries, she really does bring the funny. If you haven't checked out her previous blog entries be sure you do.
Oh for crying out loud. Shit movies get sequels all the time (mostly straight to dvd), and here we are all a-quiver at the mention of the possibility that there might be "talks" about it. Someday. If there is something happening, I hope someone verifies or naysays soon, Serenity deserves no less.

Grr, argh. I want to see Serenitwo just as much as ya'll, but dang. I just hope Alan is prepared to deal with what he started because remember last year when someone saw the cast having lunch? That caused a big hoo-haw that went absolutely nowhere.
Willowy, from what I have heard Nathan, Chris Buchanan, and Jewel have all said that nothing is currently happening. Isn't that enough naysaying? It certainly works for me.

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"If it were up to me, how would the characters' relationships conclude in Serenity 2? Okay. Hypothetically speaking only. River and Zoe really hit it off, fall in love, and decide to form their own renegade girls-who-kick-ass space team and leave us in the dust; Mal realizes he's more destroyed over Wash's death than he ever thought and spends the rest of his days wearing Hawaiian shirts and drinking booze out of the engine; Simon and Kaylee have a set of genius triplets and turn the ship into a cocker spaniel search-and-rescue with "crazy Grandpa Mal" still at the helm cradling toy dinosaurs; and Inara finally realizes the potential in Jayne as a male companion, loans him a toga, and takes him back to the training house where they become King and Companion Queen. ??? you know you want that sequel!"

And Alan said 'er, blame Nathan'. And Adam said give it up a few weeks ago, didn't he, online?

The shit movies that get sequels are always ones which are profitable. The reason Big Mommas House got a sequel? The first made the studio a freakin' mint. It found it's audience. That's the logic in these things. And it has to be, 'cause - business.

Like I always say, I'm not saying Serenity won't get anything else. What I'm saying is it didn't make much money, so nobody is going to rush out another. But another may come one day, as overall nobody knows how much it will make over - say - a 10 year period. The history of Serenifly has always been that it finds an audience, but maybe not right away.

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As people say , keep on buying the collectors edition!
When did Chris Buchanan say anything? I missed that. And did Adam actually say Give it up or did he just say he was leaving the OB 'cause it was time?
I think Adam was talking about Firefly. "Firefly" as in a TV show on Fox TV network playing every week.

Continuation of "Serenity" or "Firefly/Serenity" is another matter. When Jewel wrote about it in her blog she says "Firefly/Serenity". And all you have to do is listen to the cast commentary on the Serenity Collector's Edition to hear how much all of them love working with Joss and love "Firefly/Serenity" or "Serenity".

We want a continuation of "Firefly/Serenity" with actors not just comic books.

The actors want a continuation of "Firefly/Serenity" with actors.

Joss wants a continuation of "Firefly/Serenity" with actors...but if there are not enough DVDs is Serenity Season 1 comic books...
Adam said something like "It's over and time to move on" in a podcast recently. And he wasn't just talking about Firefly. The topic was Serenity.

Chris communicated directly with a very trusted source. He said to keep your fingers crossed, but there is nothing going on right now.
It just tickles my heart to read Jewel's blogs, she's the sweetest, most straight forwarded type. Always speaks from her mind and soul. Such a wonderful person.

As for the rumor of a possible sequel, I think we know where that stands. Best to wait on hard facts rather than internet 'hearsay'.
Wait, what happened to Morena's hair?
Morena had all her hair cut off - it's really short now and looks great. It was initially for a role, but she liked it, so she kept it that way.

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