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October 17 2007

Jane Espenson announces blog tour to promote "Serenity Found". She will start her tour with "visits" to the Firefly Talk podcast on October 19 and on October 24. will also be announcing the winner of their "Serenity Found" contest that day.

Whoo-hoo! Love both books!
If only I could interview her in person. *cheesy grin*
I'll totally be looking forward to the Firefly Talk and The Signal podcasts.
There SerenityStuff review makes me want to read the book.
Then my job here is done.

Oh, wait, the interview...
I love Jane, as always. If she wrote the blurbs on the backs of cereal boxes, I would buy (blechhh) wheat chex just to read 'em.

And I'm so thrilled that Natalie Haynes wrote one of the essays in Serenity Found that I could plotz or schvitz or something.

Natalie Haynes is one of the funniest & brightest British comedians around - but virtually unknown here in the U.S. - and I wish, wish, wish some U.S. promoter or whatever it takes would give her an American tour. I'm going to Europia this coming spring, and if she doesn't have a show going in London or its environs, I will be so verklempt.

Girls, Guns, Gags: "This is how feminism is supposed to work - women arenít better than men at everything, theyíre better at some things and less good at others and thus they are equals. This is illustrated by the fact that they talk to each other like equals - teasing, mocking, and cracking jokes, acknowledging each otherís strengths and weakness with humor and generosity, and occasionally outright spite. Thatís what you got in Firefly
Completely agree, Jane is the girl in the know and I only wish she could write more, blog faster, toss network suits across the studio and ...

Forgive me, just finished watching "The Bionic Woman" and something connected in the brainpan. Simon, do we have a spare $50M in the room's jar? No? Just as well for Jane is as perfect as can be.

As always, if anyone lucks out and has a discussion with Jane, please share. Needless to say, she's a favorite among us and for good reason.
I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with her this past June for the CSTS event. I picked her up from the airport, drove her to a book signing, brought her to the actual event, had lunch and dinner with her (with Devin Pike and Cedric from the Bards) and brought her back to the airport. It was an amazing weekend.

We talked Buffy, Firefly, Angel and just tv in general. It was surreal. She is SUCH a delight. I was SO nervous but she put me right at ease by being a total joy to talk to and hang out with.

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