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October 18 2007

See Fillion's "Outing Riley" in Orlando. "Outing Riley," starring Pete Jones, Nathan Fillion, and Michael McDonald, will be showing at the Enzian Theater in Orlando, FL, on October 21st as part of the Gay Orlando Film Festival. Details at the link. And don't forget to pick up the DVD on the 30th!

This is funny to me, because when I saw a preview for Firefly I thought it was Marc Blucas rather than Nathan Fillion who was the staring role.

Outing Riley? Marc Blucas? ehh? ehh?
I've said it before and I'll say it again...this movie is really darn funny. Very "Apatovian" in the vein of 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. And, Captain Tightpants aint wearin' no pants in one scene!?!?
The DVD is available the 30th of this month? Good to know.
I liked this movie. It's a chick flick for guys. Funny but not slapstick. Warm but not a tear jerker. And the brothers in the movie act just like my freaking cousins. So kudos on the realism. ;)
He was pretty nekkid in Trash, DearBoy!

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