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October 18 2007

The first annual Browncoat Day at Disneyland. If you're free on Sunday, why not pop along to this event organised by the SoCal Browncoats.

Ack! It's on Sunday :)

If anyone might be arriving after 10 AM, send me an email. I'll give you my cell number so you find me in the park and can get a scavenger hunt clue sheet. Or you can just meet up with us at the group picture or dinner.

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Wish I was in SoCal. Sounds fun!
It does sound like fun. You guys make me wish I lived on the West Coast way too often.
Ack! It's on Sunday :)

Sorry about that, I really need a Firefly calendar.
No problem, I had to correct our site twice for mistakes I made.
You guys make me wish I lived on the West Coast way too often.

Sorry! You are always invited though :)

And if we get Browncoat Day more widespread, it can be an annual pilgrimage for hundreds of Browncoats. Plus there may be the added bonus of continuing conventions around the same time from Creation, Starfury, etc.
Browncoat outings, shindings, conventions... a whole Browncoat vacation! That'd be sweet.
Oh, Firefly and Disneyland: two of my favorite things! I wish I lived closer because I would love to go with you. Do me a favor, ride on the Dumbo ride and try to hit the ticket taker with his ears (I know you can't do it, but it looks like you can while you're on the ride, and we spent a wonderful evening laughing like idiots trying to accomplish the impossible), it is a great place to watch the fireworks from. Of course the BEST place from which to watch the fireworks is on board the paddlewheel boat.
danregal, I'm very disappointed that you didn't scrap your plans and reschedule for the next weekend when *I* was going to be at Disneyland. So what if it's the same weekend as Creation? Priorities, man, priorities!

Seriously, though, I'm truly bummed to be missing this one. Hope you all have a great time!
Wow, I mean Shiny!

Is everybody going to where Serenity/Firefly t-shirts and stuff?
Uhh... Second annual. I was there for last year's trip, and it rocked! It was the best time I've ever had at Disneyland.

Sadly, it doesn't look like I'll be making it this year. I'll have to default on that checkers rematch.
Yeah, I'm getting some flack on the SoCal board for calling this first annual. I considered last year just a SoCal shindig, but I guess I was wrong. This will now be considered the 2nd Annual Browncoat Day.

Too bad you can't make it Ray, I saw some posts on the SF group that some NoCals might be coming down. I figured there was a chance you'd make it again.

Anonymous1, those that have them certainly will be wearing FF/S gear. Last year we had multiple Jayne hats and a couple brown coats. It's a little dicey at Disneyland since they don't allow costumes, but luckily most of the 'verse clothes don't look like they are cosumes.
I can't make this, but strongly urge anyone who can to go. I had a blast at the second annual scavenger hunt. Is this like the 2.5 scavenger hunt? Not that I would want Browncoat Day to not include a scavenger hunt. I love those.
Yeah, it kinda is :) We did one last year at the Disney shindig and we like to be consistent. Really it's just a good reason for us to go out and find a suitably cheesy last place prize. I mean, who wouldn't want a free sample of mud?

This one is just for those who want to do it. We know some people go to Disneyland a lot and having something new to do adds to the experience. Last year one of the teams was lukewarm on the idea, but ended up finding all the clues, even though they found some of them after the hunt was over.
For those who may not check the site, we've decided on the restaurant for dinner. We'll be meeting at 6 PM at Rancho del Zocalo.
Just a weather update for those set on wearing hats and coats - looks like it will be hot, with rather low humidity. Drink lots of water. *hugs*

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