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October 18 2007

SMG is #1 Butt Kicking Babe. All is right in the world: SMG as Buffy Summers has been rightfully ranked #1 on EW's New and Improved List of Butt Kicking Babes. She was originally omitted from the list entirely.

Summer Glau as River Tam is still on the list, at #12

I did a cursory look through yesterday and thought it was odd that the movie Charlie's Angels girls were listed as well as the new Bionic Woman but not our Buffy. Thankfully, they came to their senses over at EW.

Does anyone know who the other was? I didn't notice Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow the first time and she's there now. Did I just miss her before? She definitely deserves a spot, though, so glad to see her there as well.

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They'll probably have to keep re-doing the list until Xena and Emma Peel are in as well, but good to see that they came to their senses and put the Slayer at #1 where she belongs.
And of course Summer and her "sundress of death" belong much higher (above catwoman, please).
And Ellen Ripley comes in at #2, giving us a Joss double, at least sort of. But a very good choice with Ripley, who is nearly as iconic as Buffy- but almost, only. :-)
Hurray Buffy! Don't know how they could have missed her.
Not a bad list. From this day forward, I will always think of a sundress of death when I look at River.
Yay Buffy, and Ripley at #2 makes all right with the top of the list. But then I would have followed with River and Starbuck. Starbuck's #5 is a decent showing but River deserves far better than #12.
And I too will now always think of "the sundress of death". :)
There still a lot of deserving butt-kicking babes missing in the list.
They'll probably have to keep re-doing the list until Xena and Emma Peel are in as well

Quite right too, they should be on there.
What the duce!? No Lucy Lawless as Xena!? For shame!

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