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October 19 2007

Amy Acker on L&O: Criminal Intent! I happened across tonight's new episode "Smile" and saw the wonderful Amy Acker! Her character works for the FDA (The Fred & Drug Administration?)

The USA website doesn't have tonight's episode listed yet, and I missed the opening credits, but I'd know Fred anywhere. Her character is named "Leslie".

I happened to catch this episode, too. While it was nice to see her, it figures that an elder god who also worked for a satanic lawfirm would be up to no good.
Got to love that Amy. The talent just burns through, doesn't it?
Too bad it wasn't SVU... :(
Hmmmm. Too bad it's not on NBC anymore - finding clips online is nigh impossible.
So it seems Amy is doing guest spots in a lot of places, hope she can get a regular job soon, or maybe a mini-series.
When she was moving into the new office I halfway expected her to put up a Dixie Chicks poster.
At least she got to show some chops in this part, even though it wasn't that well-written. Sociopathic climber is not something I'd expect her to be good at from her past roles, but she made it work.
double post

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After being cuffed, she told Detective Goren he'd never "make senior partner." Shout-out?
It repeats at 10:00 (Central) tonight on USA. That's one plus about it being on USA -- at least they do repeats during the week, which is a good thing, 'cause I never ever remember that it's on Thursday nights....

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