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October 19 2007

11 Great Hollywood Vampires. Angel/Angelus makes EW's special Halloween list of favorite vamps.

I bet Spike fans may be protesting for him not being included.
Yep. Without Spike that list is meaningless.
Although I'm still happy to see Angel/Angelus.
But if I could figure out how to complain over there, I would.
I protest ! ;-)

(aren't all these lists meaningless ? Just one person's opinion after all)

Hmm, by "Hollywood" do they just mean "Screen" ? Cos otherwise, what's Angel (who appeared on TV) doing on there ? "Hollywood" says films to me. Also, "prototypical bad-boy-boyfriend", not so much. Think they just mean "typical". ETA: Unless they're being clever (on account of his age), in which case I sit corrected.

And Stephen Dorff's baddie in 'Blade' should be in there I reckon.

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They usually open the lists up for comments a little while after they first post them. I'll definitely be adding some Spike love on there when they do.
I suppose the ol' Vlad himself has been played by two many different actors too long ago to make the listy-list....

But yeah a fair synposis of Angel's role.
They should Count Drac, and the one with Sesame Street closer together in the list.
You know, just for fun sakes.
COUNT VON COUNT (Jerry Nelson)
Sesame Street

Vampires have never been as soft and cuddly literally as this numerically obsessed Muppet.

They've obviously never seen "Smile Time."

For that matter, the description of Angel sounds like they never saw any of AtS, and very little BtVS for that matter. But yay that at least one of our vamps was included. But Blacula over Spike??? No way.
I don't need their stinkin' list. Spike is the one and only on my list and it's the only list that matters to me.
Good to see Angel on the list. He was always my favorite vamp from the Buffyverse. Whether good or bad. :)
Um, wins for The Count being on there. And Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn.

And, despite the utter lack of Spike, you have to give them props for rating Angel so high. I mean, only Nosferatu and Dracula are higher, and you really have to give the top spots to them.
For that matter, what about Darla and Dru?
Why oh why is there no love for Lifeforce or The Breed? I really can't take this list seriously and as a result I will never buy Entertainment Weekly again. Quite frankly I am appalled and I post on the Internet.
Would have been nice to see George A. Romero's 'Martin' on the list to spice up the mix. Vamp fans check it out if you haven't before!
What, we get Selene from Underworld but no Vampirella? Man, what a farce...

ETA: And I just realized the criteria was Hollywood vampires, and so far, the only screen version of Vampirella to actually make the screen really sucked. And not in a good way.

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2007-10-19 18:06 ]
Glad Angel made the list.

Spike has made lists like this before when Angel hasn't and I never see any complaining so why complain when Angel made this particular list and Spike didn't this time?

Shouldn't we be happy either made the list?
No complaints about Angel being on the list, nor about The Count being on it, but Spike really does belong on it, despite being from the same 'verse as Angel. So many of us got hooked on BtVS because of Spike. (Angel in Buffy was kind of dull... Angel in his own series, however, was genius. Spike anywhere was pure genius.)
Well,I think a lot of people got hooked on Angel while he was on BTVS.I don't think there would of been a ATS if people didn't get hooked on the character and interested in Angel while he was on Buffy.

It just seems to me that complaining about when one of our vampires makes a list and the other dosen't just starts the vampire competition thing going again and bad feelings.

Like i said,I never see anyone complaining when Spike makes a list like this and Angel doesn't so why should their be any complaining when the reverse happens?We should just be happy whenever any Buffyverse character makes a list like this and leave it at that.IMO

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2007-10-19 18:54 ]
I complain if either vampire is left off a list

I'm an equal opportunites complainer :)
Simon: "Why oh why is there no love for Lifeforce or The Breed? I really can't take this list seriously and as a result I will never buy Entertainment Weekly again. Quite frankly I am appalled and I post on the Internet."

There's nothing like the original uncut UK/Sarcasm - accept no substitutes.

(I would have written "BritCasm", which is punchier, but your living in Belfast ruined everything, Simon, and I blame you for this...)
Where's Julian Luna (yum), and George Hamilton's take on Drac? 70s Frank Langella?

Pfft. Dumb list.

Except for Angel.
UKasm ? Simon's post did, indeed, make with the funny.

"Quite frankly I am appalled and I post on the Internet." is my brand new


Tunbridge Wells"

It's just the logical 21st century equivalent.

(and I hereby solemnly swear to protest the next time Spike's on a list that Angel isn't - balance in all things)
How did I know that people would complain about their being no Spike? Oh wait, 'cuz that's what fandom does.

Yay for a Buffy vamp making the list and still being in EW's mind.
Why can't you guys take this list seriously? Someone's clearly done a lot of research and soul searching to create this exhaustive vampire survey, and then you go and make with the mockery.

I'm appalled too. I think so, anyway. Wait, I thought Entertainment Weekly was only supposed to come out once a week. I'm sure I saw something yesterday. What a betrayal of their loyal readers! I'm dizzy. I have to go lie down.
Yay Angel!

No Spike!?!

Obviously a mistake. *waits for retraction*
Well they changed the butt-kicking babes list because they got a million emails about Buffy and Sydney so I imagine they'll probably do the same for this one. Awesome the Count made it. Anything Gary Oldman does deserves to be praised. I'm not gonna go on about the ones that shouldn't be on the list (uhm Selene, sure.) That's lists for you though.
Oh my. And to think I almost didn't read this thread and would have missed seeing Simon's hilarious comment.

I'm not gonna go on about the ones that shouldn't be on the list (uhm Selene, sure.)

I will fight you. And I am not kidding. Well, except by "fight," I mean in those ridiculous squishy sumo outfits. But to the death! Or maybe just the toppling over. At least admit the lousy movie had one interesting character.

Ok, I suppose she actually belongs on the "single interesting character who redeemed a movie" list. Not this one.
We should be appalled at this list too.

And where's the Christopher Lee love? He was ace as Dracula.
I give them credit for recognizing Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys (which JW has cited as an influence on Buffy). But I also agree that they could have gone off the predictable path more and found some better characters in better vampire movies. The Loveless, anyone?
Tis the season, I suppose. In terms of comedy, the vampire who tried to eat Bugs Bunny is a favorite of mine (Count Bloodcount). Really he's just an anti-vampire and a foil to Bugs-- a disaster of a villain all around. In terms of scariness, I don't remember which vampires originally led to me being (very) afraid of them as a kid, but I vaguely recall the vampire stories on "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" being pretty scary.
Oh man, I'd trade a Christopher Lee as Dracula over some felt puppet any day... err night, uh... full moonlit night with silvery lined, ominous clouds rolling by that is...

Adding to the list of the overlooked -- Where's Near Dark? Damn, the choices for scary-cool-deadly-funny vamps abound in that highly imaginative flick... and choosing between three Aliens cast members to boot! Oh, and young Adrian Pasdar as the unwitting human caught in the wildness... he was classic matinee Idol beautiful then... *sigh*

But... Yay! for Angel/Angelus making so high in the ranking... plus, oooh baby, second season pic (I think), killer cheekbones and he's just so smokin' hot.

Gawd... I just reverted to 16 years old in this post...

[ edited by 11thHour on 2007-10-19 22:46 ]
Yay for Angel.

But no Spike??? What the frilly heck.

Buffyfantic I don't see anyone complaining that Angel is on it, just that Spike isn't and should be aswell. No-one was making it a vampire competition, I'm confused as to where you're seeing that.

My favourite vampires, Spike and Angel, should never be parted. There should be chains. ;0)
Adding to the list of the overlooked -- Where's Near Dark?

Heh. I was thinking of Near Dark when I said The Loveless. I think I've seen both, but I was definitely thinking of Lance Hendrickson when I wrote my comment. Checked the cast list on IMDb, and I'm wrong. Well, they're both Kathryn Bigelow movies.
Chains? Oh god. *queue the PTSD*

Definitely agree on the Lost Boys love. I wouldn't be watching vampire movies today were it not for that film (well, I would, but you get the point). ;)
Hee hee Willowy! I loved that George Hamiltion movie. Wasn't it called "Love at First Bite"?

And yay for Angel boo for no Spikey!
I love all the characters on Buffy/Angel but it's always been about Angel and his journey for me. So props to Angel for ranking so high on the list.
That's right, bl! You know who killed me in that movie was Richard Benjamin: "Care for some... GARLIC!?"

Heh heh.
Well look at me, all late to the party and crap. Stupid new job and their no internet policy. I miss everything! Personally, I really liked Alliyah(sp.) in Queen of the Damned. Her entrance into the vamp club is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. And I too am a big fan of Love at First Bite! Awesome vamp camp! Oohh, didja see what I did there?
"Fly my pretty... fly!"
Dang, where's the Harmony love?!? Such an iconic vamp. Her battle with Xander was one of the all-time great good/evil showdowns. I'm gonna sue EW, I am!
No Spike, no Dru .... bah humbug. But kudos for placing Gary Oldman's brilliant Drac at the top of the list.
It's not like anybody's saying that Angel shouldn't be there, or saying that they're oh so upset, so I don't see the reason for mocking or grousing at Spike fans, just because we're saying that it's a bit disappointing that both weren't included. It simply would have been nicer to have given both their due.

It's like making a list of classic SF characters on TV and listing Captain Kirk but not Mr. Spock. Hey, nice that they included Kirk, but y'know? Should have been both.

Plus, Gary Oldman's Dracula and not Frank Langella's or the classic Bela Lugosi? Hmph.
Willowy, I haven't heard you laugh in so long, sheer music to my ears. Now, I'm chipper again:)

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