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October 19 2007

Reverend Kate interviews Buffy Between the Lines producer. The interview, on the KPSU radio show, "Reverend Kate's Theme of the Week.", begins about 18 minutes in. Since this week's theme was Buffy, the rest of the show is all Buffy music.

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Just a little nit-pick here, the "You could be a rainbow and not a painbow" line was said by Angel, not Lorne. It was in the season 1 episode Sense and Sensitivity. That's hilarious that someone used that for a song title.
It was a great show to be interviewed on! And to hear all the Buffy music was a blast. Reverend Kate is a huge Buffy geek and who doesn't love that? Yeah, I thought it was Angel, but both songs by that band are awesome.

You SHOULD be a rainbow not a painbow!

Kate also brings up the Buffy musical/Fox legal stuff.

And it's just in time for Ep 2 of BBTL is tomorrow!
Listen with your eyes
Listen with your ears
And sing everything you see
I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing along with me
Thanks so much for that link. I am still listening to it and just enjoying the heck out of it.

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