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October 19 2007

Release date for Southland Tales Changed Again. Richard Kelly has announced in his MySpace site Southland Tales with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dwayne Johnson, and many more will be released in New York and L-A on November 14th, instead of the ninth, and elsewhere on the 16th.

However, it's possible to see it even sooner. Its world premiere will be two weeks from now at the AFI Film Fest at the Arclight Dome in L-A, and sneak previews will be held in some cities late this month. A schedule will be announced later

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Well, that's not a horrible date change. I was expecting it to be pushed into 2008 or something. Which would kill me dead. At least emotionally.
There's a showing at USC on November 4, which leaves me just as screwed as the one at the Arclight (out of town then). Still, there may be some lucky LA, NY, and Boston people.

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