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October 19 2007

(SPOILER) Bones Episode 04 clips SPOILERS. Four awesome video clips of Bones Season 3 episode 4.

John Francis Daily on Bones! How cool is that? The cutest Geek ever to grace our TV will be on one of my favorite shows! Wonderful! These clips really aren't that spoilery for those of you that are afraid to watch. Certain plot points are revealed though.
I love Bones. Isn't the fact that certain plot points are revealed exactly what makes it spoilery?
They're not the kind of plot points that spoil the mystery for you. And the clips are much more about character moments. And made me realize that I really missed seeing Bones this week. Damn Great American Pastime thingy!
I figured I should mark it as spoilers even though the mystery plot points weren't revealed because some people don't want the character developments spoiled either. Better safe than sorry.

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