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October 19 2007

Cover and early specs for Nathan Fillion's "White Noise 2" Region 1 DVD. The release date is yet to be determined.

For having Nathan and Katee, I really wanted to enjoy this movie, it was at least slightly better than the first one.

This site claims a confirmed release date of January 8th for both HD and Standard DVD.
Direct-to-HD DVD. Wow. But it's a combo, dammit. I hate combos.
I hate the combo ones too The Dark Shape. Wish I could just buy the Hd-dvd version without having to pay more for the standard edition to come with it.
How do you figure it's a combo? There are different list prices for the standard and HD versions. That tells me they are separate releases.
In the flyer image, you can see the HD DVD box, and it's Universal's "HD DVD Combo Format DVD" design.
Does that mean that the one with the $29.95 list price will be standard only and the one with the $39.95 list price will be the combo format?

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