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October 19 2007

Eliza Dushku To Guest Star On 'Ugly Betty'. According to T.V.,she'll be playing a cover girl who's rehab stint is cut short for a photo shoot.

I love "Ugly Betty"! This is great news!
I don't watch the show, but I'll try to see that episode. The premise sounds funny to possibly hilarious.
First Seth Green on Greys. Now Eliza on Ugly Betty. ABC knows where it is AT!
I hate this show, but kudos to Eliza.
Fantastic! I just started watching this show after they aired a marathon on ABCFamily. I gawked at the premise at first, but it's actually a good show. I hate the fact that Betty, despite working at a fashion magazine, still looks like she gets dressed in the dark. But I guess that's what makes her Betty and the whole liking who you are bit. ;)

It'll be good to see Dushku on TV again.

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This is excellent news!Its been so long since I've seen Eliza on screen.
Love Betty! Love Eliza! I can't wait. *big stupid grin*
I am seriously thrilled about this! I wonder if Eliza has to shave her head for the role? (don't mind me)
embers; Depends if she's suppsoed to be channeling "Brit" of "LiLo" I guess. Hope not; I personally think a woman needs to be very blonde or very black to pull off a slick properly.

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