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October 20 2007

Sending a Wavecard - a new fan campaign. Some fans have come up with a new idea to let Universal know how much they want a sequel to Serenity.

Andy at QMx is going to be offering a month-long special deal on the Wavecards, to support the campaign.

We'll have some details on this on the next Firefly Talk, due out this weekend (which will also have an interview with Jane Espenson).
I knew my overtime money would be spent on something good.
Presumably (although don't quote me on that), the special deal mentioned above is this. QMx is dropping the price on their wavecards by $5. The price is reflected on their Amazon listing but not yet on the QMx site (although it will be).
How about carefully taping the top part of the piece of paper from the 2-Disc Collector's Edition to the QMX Serenity Wavecard postcards. You know that extra piece of paper with the UPC on it...the loose page back cover of the DVD.

You know like I bought the Serenity Collector's Edition and I'll be buying whatever comes next too.

Official Merchandise and proof of buying the Serenity Collector's Edition.
bix my friend, always the worry wart:) What the hell, lets give it a try anyway.
Anonymous1, that's a great idea. Alas, I only have one of those UPC codes but will have many postcards. Still, anything that will help.

One is good. Might not be good for Universal to think that yep, all those Serenity Collector's Edition DVDs were bought by only 1000 people.
I bought the cards, but ... would someone like to post the address for us lazy people.
Suzie I've changed the link to a post at which has the info you are looking for.
FFT and The Signal are going to be sending everyone to for the correct addressing of the postcards. It's important that you NOT address the cards to a specific person (the people mentioned on the site are no longer appropriate, and it'll be a waste if you send the postcards to them). I'm verifying the rest and will have the BDS site updated in the next few days with the correct info.

Eric @ Firefly Talk
I thought this came up once before but I can't seem to track it down, the artwork on these cards (and the larger posters) was done by someone that frequents Whedonesque, right? Who is it?
Who is it?

That would be lexigeek.
Whoo-hoo! Ordered my Wavecards today! Serenity Wavecard page

Hopefully, the address stuff will all be figured out by the time I get them.

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I almost ordered my cards today. Unfortunately both Amazon and QMX wanted to charge $18.00 to send them to Canada. That is a ridiculous price. So, I'm not getting them. Anyone know if they will be for sale at the Creation con? I know someone heading out to that. They might be willing to pick some up for me.
So what do you all think would be a nice present to send to the poor mailroom employees at Universal?

You could email and ask them the question. If they aren't doing it already, they should be. Might just be a hot item come convention time.

Also maybe they could sell their stuff on

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Thanks to Simon and others who are tracking down the correct address. I'm going to ask friends who liked Serenity, but are not avid fans, to write on cards. I will wait while they do it and then take the cards and mail them. I think there are plenty of people who would see a Serenity sequel but might not have the motivation to buy cards and mail them.
Actually, the Wavecards on Amazon are here. The previously mentioned link went to the Bank Heist money. :)
Suzie, your message is a bit confusing, please try again. Just talk it out normally like we were standing next to you.
I understood her perfectly! Good idea, Suzie. I also know people who might be browbe- um encouraged to write a card if they don't have to do more than that.
Lioness - we will most certainly be at Creation; and we just got confirmation that we'll have a table at Starfury, as well. I'll make sure to bring *lots* of Wavecard packs!

Thanks, lexigeek, I've fixed the link. Copy and pasting error. I'm pretty sure I bought the right item though.

Sounds like a plan! Hadn't thought of that. I can have my sister write one. She has a different last name and address then me.
I think Creation has the license for officially licensed SERENITY U.S. postage stamps. Maybe they could produce some Serenity logo postcard stamps. Not limited editions.


QMx Andy,

Do you have a postage machine at QMX? How cumbersome is your postage machine at QMX? You know is it like portable? Can you put words next to the postage amount? You know like Happy Holidays! Or Serenity, More please!

I think I'd better go to sleep soon.
Then a BIG thanks to Lexigeek--I have the travel posters up on my walls! Great stuff!

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