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October 20 2007

Who's your favourite vampire hunter? Several Buffyesque references are made in this IGN article inspired by the new film 30 Days of Night. You can also vote for the Slayer in the titular poll.

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Giles, of course.
Ahem... "Who's" as in "Who is."


Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitca Grammar Goddess
Buffy, of course.

Also, who's the babe in the bottom picture singing "Fangs for the Mammaries"? (ouch...!) I think maybe I need to swear off my swearing-off of recent vampire flicks.
That's one of the Brides of Dracula in Van Helsing.

Which is terrible.
I don't get why there's a following for Blade. There's broody, there's stoic... and then there's Blade, who took it all to a new robotic low. Buffy would so kick his self-centered butt.
Yay, finally have a grammar cop in the room. Err, what's wrong with "Who's"? And when is it correct to use "Whom"?

Back to topic, Willow was awesome in "When She was Bad".
Who's = Who is, as in "Who's the self-impressed loser who actually bothers to correct grammar in someone else's post?"

Whose= a possessive pronoun as in "Whose post is the one that she corrected anyway?" or "She is the one whose post got corrected." (the posts belonged to her)

Whom = an indirect object. What I always tell my (older) students is that if you could put 'him' or 'her' in the sentence instead, it's *whom;* otherwise, it's *who.* You do something TO a whom; a who does something.

Examples: She is the one to whom the post was directed. (Replaced: The post was directed to her)

She is the one who wrote the post.
(Replaced: Her wrote the post? Nope...)

Hope that helps!

And Giles, to be a bit more on-topic! :-D
If you're Scottish, it's acceptable.
OzLady, you probably taught me more about grammar than I've learned in my roughly seventeen years of schooling. ;)

As for my vote, I'll go with Faith.
I'd have to say Wesley. Especially in his more awkward times.
Thank you, OzLady, please feel free to correct us in the future.
Vi, during the final fight scene in "Chosen." That deathwheel of steel thing Van Helsing is holding looks silly in comparison.
That's one of the Brides of Dracula in Van Helsing.

Really? Weird. I saw that movie, and I dun' remember her.

Which is terrible.

Yup. Apparently even worse than I thought at the time, if I dun' remember her...

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Spike if course.

He's a vampire. He's a hunter. Your problem is?
Thanks for the correction, OzLady. I'm normally quite a grammar nazi myself... this is what I get when I post after 3am.
OzLady: "Who's = Who is, as in "Who's the self-impressed loser who actually bothers to correct grammar in someone else's post?"

I've asked for corrections to front-page posts, so I guess I must be a self-impressed loser, too.

However, I think it's more a question of wanting whedonesque to look its best, and being aware that these first few sentences get a lot of attention, and show up on RSS feeds all over the internet. I would never think of asking someone to correct a spelling or grammar error on their comment... well, I would think of it, but I would never do it... I think...

Oh, and Bufy's my favorite.
Buffy is my favorite. And OzLady and QuoterGal are my favorite hunters of grammatical errors.
Also: watch this past week's The Office for an in-depth discussion on the proper use of "whomever."
QG: Oh, and Bufy's my favorite.

*snickers* She's good but sometimes I prefer Xaner.
I've asked for corrections to front-page posts, so I guess I must be a self-impressed loser, too.

And I've made many a correction, on my own and when asked to by concerned word-loving citizens :)

ETA - thanks, Simon, how ironic was that? :P

[ edited by Simon on 2007-10-21 10:02 ]
I fixed your closing div tag :p.
Favorite slayers:
And many more.
Where's Ben Mears or Peter Vincent? Hey! They got the job done, and Peter refound his faith during the fight...Now that's cool!
Not so cool for Jerry Dandridge, but, cool, nonetheless.
Also, Chris Stiles...Look it up!
WilliamtheB, in an ironic twist, I work (when I'm not teaching) for TripAdvisor who got three mentions on this week's episode of "The Office!" :-D

And a very humble "Thank you" to those who expressed appreciation (and to those who didn't express outrage :-)of my grammar lesson. Sadly, while I loves me some grammar *g*, I'm a terrible speller; while it makes me a lousy writer, it makes me a VERY sympathetic teacher!
The grammar warriors might find this amusing:
OK, ,Caleb, if I miss my deadline, it's all your fault. I just spent way too much time reading those comics. Some of them are really hilarious.

And [obligatory nod to the topic], much as I love Giles, definitely Buffy.
About time you came out, Damon. If it's okay with you, I'll continue with your "Z" call-sign. It just has a special ring.
(semi)Obscure fave: Vaughan Rice from "Ultraviolet" (TV series). If you wanna see his picture, just look up "Hard Bastard" in the dictionary ;).

Buffy'd probably be my all time fave though (today anyway ;).
1. Buffy
2. Wesley
3. Faith
4. Gunn
5. Fray
(I don't think Vampires make very koshire vampire hunters).

And I really enjoyed the grammar lesson, that was nice and clear!
Dearest embers, what's a koshire vampire hunter? I mean, would that be in dill or vinegar? Please be specific in these things.
It has to be Buffy. If it wasn't for Buffy there's no way I'd even be contemplating the question.
You know, it just occurred to me (yeah, I'm slow right now. I got an early flu, alright?) They left off the vampire hunter (another team, actually,) who would have been my favorite, if not for Buffy & company:

Captain Kronos and his companion, Prof. Hieronymos Grost. If anyone hasn't seen this, by all means dig up a copy.
Saje - yay! Note to self: dig out Ultraviolet and rewatch :)
A kosher vampire hunter is one who would be careful not to hunt vampires using the milchik knives.

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