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October 20 2007

Clare Kramer's Gravedancers debuts tonight on Sci-Fi at 9pm ET.

Awesome, I love Clare! Thanks, RavenU!
Gravedancers is probably the second-best film out of that particular horrofest series (first place going to The Hamiltons). She's sadly underused in Gravedancers. If you want to see her shine, check out The Thirst (with a couple of other Whedonverse faves). She does her sexy thing, her full-on crazy thing, she does all kinds of things. It's a thing.
This was one of the 8 horrorfest films from last year - and probably the best of them (I've seen all but two - and they looked REALLY bad). Check it out if you get a chance!
I probably won't check this out (I stopped watching Sci-Fi Channel movies awhile ago), but as I was looking on the site, I noticed the ad for Tin Man, which looks incredibly cool. Can't wait until December. :)
This is not a Sci-Fi orignal movie, unlike the others starring various verse actors. This was a theatrical released movie, that is getting it's TV debut on Sci-Fi channel.

I saw the add for Tin Man as well and hey it's Alan Cummings I will try to watch it.
She was great. It was not.
It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. At least it had decent special effects. Agree Clare was great in it.
As far as low budget horror movies go I think gravedancers was pretty good. for sure its an original idea.

I gotta say if I had to choose between gravedancers or saw 4, I'd go for gravedancers a second time. Its cool when the plot doesn't revolve around 'lets see how violently we can kill off the cast for no reason'.
It was better than some of the other movies offered last year, but...not great. Just wait til the end with's so bad it's funny.

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It was pretty decent, although I agree that the special effects at the end were way over-the-top.

I liked that it was spooky, eerie, and not gorey. I can't stand blood & guts and gore just for the sake of it, so I enjoy any film that can bring the creepy without grossing me out.

I kept waiting for Sam & Dean Winchester to show up to salt & burn the bones of those pesky spirits. It did kind of have that "Supernatural" urban legend vibe to it.

Still not on par with the best movie ever, "The Haunting" 1963 version with Julie Harris. Now that is one heck of a ghost story.

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