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October 21 2007

Jonathan Woodward and Sonny Rhodes get on the boat. Let the debauchery begin (and let songs be sung about it)! Also, a few spaces are still available on the cruise.

This is great, Jonathan can be a wildman someone keep an eye on him on the boat. Everyone who is going I know they will have a bigger blast with Woodward onboard. Plus it's cool to hear your going to have Sonny Rhodes in his first Browncoat appearance.

I also want to mention the following, so it's not missed > "Since we are a bit in the red, we are still accepting donations to help cover the costs of these new guests. Thanks!".

This is a Browncoat fan run event and for it to succeed these guys need to get it into the black or at least to the line. So if you can't make the cruise but you want to support your fellow browncoats I hope you concider making a donation.

Also I was wondering if the guys were thinking of doing an auction to help cover some exspenses? I would be happy to donate a few items toward the cause.
This is great news, and I hope we get a few more people onboard because of it. Sonny revamped his entire Concert Schedule, just to be with us. This is gonna be soooo Shiny!

To summarize, the guest List is now:

Ron Glass,
Michael Fairman,
Jonathon Woodward,
Sonny Rhodes, and
The Bedlam Bards.

I am very excited about Jonathon Woodward...I have heard so much about him and now I get to see him in person as well as the other guests. And interesting bit about Sonny Rhodes, and I LOVE blues music!
Just wanted to clarify about the donations and being "in the red". Yes we are a bit in the red, this is a result of a combination of factors, our price drop due to unexpected competing events, the cruise line not giving us the number of rooms they originally promised due to the ship being overbooked, etc. However, we aren't so in the red that the event is even remotely in danger. Browncoat cruise will sail, no matter what. These donations will help us avoid going into some personal debt to make it all happen, that's all. We don't want to be beggars, and nobody should feel even slightly obligated to donate. We take full responsibility for our current financial situation. That being said, if you want to help us make this event even better, we welcome your donations.
As far as auctions are concerned, we're planning a silent charity auction onboard that directly benefits a real charity - Ron Glass' Wooten Center. We may have enough items already, but if you have something to donate please let us know. Details forthcoming.
Imagine a duet between the Bards and Sonny Rhodes, especially when they play "Kaylee"...with Johnathan singing. That should attract a lot of attention!
I'm trying to envision a room full of Browncoats singing along with Sonny and the Bards as they perform the Theme Song.... Wow! :)

Brian mentioned on the website today that those donating can have their contribution recognized by having their names listed in the Souvenier Cruise Book if they wish. Shiny!
Donated. Sing a verse for me.
Ahhh, you folks are gonna have a blast!
I cannot wait to hear the stories!
Shiny! Donated! Stories forthcoming!
Jeremy I didn't mean it to sound like you were begging, if I thought that I would never have encouraged it. I just know how much time and effort goes into pulling something like this off so in that asspect you would never be in the black. I just didn't want your pockets to feel the burden of things that were not in your control. Since this is for the community I thought the community helping out a bit if it could was a great concept. I know a lot of people who have run events and eventual got them selves in a deep financial pickling, because things happen. I just wanted to make sure people saw they had the option that even if they couldn't attend the events at least they could feel a part of the overall exprience by giving a donation. I just felt it might have been overlooked by people if it wasn't highlighted somewhere. So I just highlighted it.
RavenU - Oh, I wasn't being critical to your highlighting of that part of the message, sorry if it came across that way. I just felt that in the light of last year's fiasco, it would be prudent for me to proactively give more details, so that nobody got nervous when we say we are in the 'red'. I actually appreciated you highlighting that tidbit of our message. In fact, we've received a hand full of donations, and our credit cards thank you!
A big thank you to everyone who has donated. And thank you RavenU for highlighting it. Yes things happen, and our desire to host this event was always to share our love of Firefly with the Browncoat community and have the ultimate shindig. I love Browncoats! :-)

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