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October 21 2007

(SPOILER) Jewel Staite Answers Fan's Questions About Stargate: Atlantis. This is a Sci/ Video Interview, and a lot of fun. Several mentions of Firefly, with a few clips from the show included.

[ edited by TDBrown on 2007-10-22 03:16 ]

Ok... this is great, but can you please put spoiler tag? since there are some clips that are QUITE spoilerish of what is coming up... like beyond what I expected. I didn't mind, but I dunno if people may want to watch that. Anyways it was quite shiny that there was a lot of firefly clips shown... she is the doctor now! And I love it that David is teasing her...I almost tempted to ask who is the worst(or best depending on your POV), teaser, Nathan or David.

ETA: I also loved the way they combined clips from both shows and ewwww cat pee!

[ edited by kurya on 2007-10-21 22:29 ]
Sorry about the Spoiler thing, Kurya. I've not seen that much of the Season, myself, and didn't know. *blush*
No problem tdbrown, I really enjoyed the clip(and have been enjoying the season so far more or less), its just I do not know if other people will be more phobic about the spoilers or not, and there is one huge development(which would probably anger some fans *shakes head*).

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