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October 21 2007

(SPOILER) has first trailer for "Repo The Genetic Opera! ". The clip, shown at last night's Scream Awards, features clips of Anthony Stewart Head singing in the title role of the Repo Man.

The sound quality is a bit bad as it was recorded from the audience, but you can still hear the singing pretty clear.

Definitely looks interesting. It's due in theaters everywhere on April 25th, 2008.

WOW! Makes you wonder if Tony should have been "Sweeney Todd" instead of Johnny Depp in the upcoming movie. Anywho, I'll be looking forward to this.
You are so right, i.g., ASH would make a brilliant Sweeney Todd. He can clearly do a bang up villain-loved his evil headmaster on Dr. Who. This character looks like a fugitive from Hannibal Lecter, the Musical..His voice is likely up to the demands of ST, too- wonder if J. Depp sings?

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Depp was a rocker before the acting began. I realize that doesn't answer the question of whether or not he can sing (heh) but perhaps there's a voice there. He was highly rated on the hotel-room-trashing scale, BTW, though he says he has mellowed a lot. George Hearn (hope I have that right -- was with Angela Lansbury) has been my favorite ST so far.
The Scream Awards will air on Spike TV on October 23 at 10 pm (eastern). Hopefully that will include a better quality version of the clip.
I agree, FloralBonnet. Hearn is the only Sweeney Todd I know, thanks to A&E showing the musical a few years ago. I'd like to see how Depp handles the job, but man, Giles as Sweeney wow!
This character looks like a fugitive from Hannibal Lecter, the Musical..His voice is likely up to the demands of ST

His face looks like an imitation of Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. This clip looks like a horrible distillation of everything that was wrong with 90's movies, and up 'til now, especially the awful The Crow sequels. But it's a clever parody, that will actually be a lot of fun in full, right? Is that it?
Wow, this movie is going to be really... creepy and unique. I might have to see it.
If man were meant to mix horror, action, sci fi and musical comedy . . . oh. Never mind.
I was so intrigued by this that I just had to go learn more about the Opera itself.

I found its website and though it only has a few stills from the movie, they do have some of the music posted, including a song by The Repo Man.

While regrettably ASH-free, it is absolutely chilling. Have a Listen.

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