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October 22 2007

Get the Serenity HD DVD for free with the new Xbox 360 promotion. If you buy the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 between now and the end of January next year, you get five free films. And Joss' movie is one of the choices.

Not sure if this only applicable to the US or if it's a world wide offer.

Yeah, maybe some Halo people will pick up Serenity and notice some familiar voices from Halo 3
This is a european offer, as The Prestige is a Blu-ray exclusive in the US. I'm pretty sure there is a similar offer running in the US though.
I was gonna say, 'I want The Prestige!' I'm thinking about importing it. I love region-free HD DVDs, New Line be damned.
I got the hddvd addon last week to get in on this deal. 99.99 at gamestation which is nice. However, I decided to buy Serenity with it (3rd copy of the film i've bought so far) to help support the cause and I'm getting some other discs for my free bundle.
This 5 dvd promotion is also going on in the US as well. Plus I believe it still comes with King Kong so that's six movies altogether. And some participating stores like Best Buy and are giving a free copy of Hereos HDDVD with it as well. Which sucks for me, because I bought the Hd-dvd player last year with no freebies and I just bought Heroes Hd-dvd when it came out. If I hadn't already bought Heroes, I might have opted to buy this just for all the free Hd-dvd goodies and sold the player on ebay! offer
Best Buy Heroes Hd-dvd offer
From what I understand, the Best Buy promotion is in store only and you can't get it online but the one automatically ads it to your cart when you add the Hd-dvd player.

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