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October 22 2007

Summer Glau's new series gears up for some major league promotion. A 45-second trailer for 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' will be shown during game 3 of the World Series as FOX ramps up a promotional push for its rookie series.

Go Rockies!!! ahem... I mean, uh, yay Summer!
Would that be the World Series that the Red Sox are going to? (Sorry, couldn't resist!) :D
I've already seen the first episode and it's seriously the best new series to hit TV this season. It's even replaced my love for Chuck and Reaper. The pacing was tight, the special effects were movie-quality and Summer is so bada** in the action scenes.

Of course, it's Fox, so since Jan 14th is a Monday, they will be airing it opposite Chuck, thereby screwing up my Tivo schedule.
Go Rockies!

We re-watched Serenity on Saturday...she is fantastic. I'm still touched by that story of her talking to Joss on the phone about the movie and how she'd understand if he felt he needed to cast a more established actress as River...

Oh, look at her now!
Actually, I have more love for Reaper than Chuck, but if Sarah Connor is up against Chuck in January, then the Summernator wins every time for me.
Go Sox! (Yay, off-topic!)

(They've actually were also teasing the series during the ALCS.)
I'm looking forward to this, particularly since people like CiV are saying it's so good. I would have watched anyway, but I'm even more excited about it now. And, who knows, with the writers' strike, there may be no new Chuck episodes to watch then -- so there may not be a conflict.
Harrumph. You know, I recall a FOX series...must have been four years ago now...that really could have used a promotional push like the one this show seems to be getting. I seem to remember that baseball actually ended up hurting it in the end. And whaddya know? That show ALSO had Summer Glau in it!

Nice job finally recognizing quality, FOX. But it's coming too little, too late. I'll be on board for this show, but it's entirely because of Summer. Not that my position bothers you, but the fact that I'll be watching--once again--a network which is in the habit of canceling all its new shows that I like quite frankly sickens me.
I really loved the pilot episode of this, and not just for Summer-- the kid who plays John Connor is good too. I thought the actress who plays Sarah Connor was kinda stiff. But, that's kinda the character too, so, I dunno.

Go Sox!
Does anyone know if this will be aired online? I'm not sure who I'm gonna watch once 8:00 rolls around.
I really enjoyed the pilot as well. I don't think it'll become an instant classic like the new Battlestar or Veronica Mars, but it was certainly the best pilot this season (although I haven't seen 'Pushing Daisies' yet) and it does have the potential to become great.

Here's hoping the promotional push and the Terminator-connection work and it premierres with high ratings, otherwise Fox is most probably going to axe this, like it has done with pretty much every good show to air on the network the last couple of years.

The fact that I'm really hoping this show will make it, probably doesn't bode well either. But you never know. One of these days a good show's gotta be able to not get cancelled by Fox, right? It's getting more probable, statistically speaking, with every show that does get cancelled. Right? :-p.
"While the campaign will include a major off-network spend, Fox is also paying close attention to the online world, which can virally boost a science-fiction show, a la Lost or Heroes."

Wish they'd been better about that five years ago. Notice that Lost and Heroes aren't F*X shows... maybe they're finally paying attention.

"A promotional push will be needed, as the network will ask the show to lead off Monday at 8 p.m., where it will be followed by 24."

Gee, wasn't there another recent show that had that time slot? Something about a Car Race...

"While conventional wisdom says networks use an established show to launch a rookie behind it, Fox doesn’t want to mess with the time slot for its successful serialized drama, nor would it want to put The Sarah Connor Chronicles up against Heroes and make TiVo-less science-fiction fans choose."

No... have us decide between SCC and Chuck, instead. Adam vs. Summer... Hmmmmmmmm...
I didn't like the pilot much at all. It's a bad Van Damme movie every time the hilarious Arnold-wannabe Terminator shows up, and its complete disregard to continuity (even T2's, which it's directly following) is perplexing.
@The Dark Shape
The role of Cromartie have been recasted (with Garret Dillahunt) as well as Sarah's boyfriend.
Nice job finally recognizing quality, FOX.

I have sincere doubts about that. What they probably recognized is a brand that's already proven itself (albeit in an entirely different format).
Niels: Gaack. You're probably right, now that I think about it. Well, that makes me even more depressed.
I think that's exactly what it is, which is why I have hope that it'll make it all the way to the end of the season.

Also? The pilot for SCC is one of the best pilots I've ever seen! I would be excited for this show even if it didn't have Summer in it, but, hey, IT HAS SUMMER IN IT!! :D
How can that pilot be one of the best you've ever seen? It's mediocre at best and gives no indication at all of what the show will be on a week-to-week basis.
Did I miss something? I didn't think this pilot was airing until January. Unless it's been online first. Not that computer savy so maybe that's what I'm missing.

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