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October 22 2007

Issue #4 of the Big Damn Zine is now available. This issue features an in-depth interview with Sci-Fi author PJ Haarsma who talks about his and Nathan Fillion's children's literacy project, Kids Need to Read, and another interview with Laura Sutherland, one of the co-producers of Into the Black, a fan film inspired by SereniFly.

"Kids Need to Read" is such a worthwhile project and both of them sound so enthusiastic about it. From the tone of their comments you can understand why they're such good friends.

Nice interview with Aurra about Into the Black, too.
You can digg this story here.
Wonderful articles... my hat's off to the 'Zine crew!
Holy crap, my name made it onto Whedonesque!

*squees as much as possible in her work environment*
You can also hear PJ Haarsma tell a very funny story about Nathan going beserker over forming his Halo team with Alan and about his geeky passion for gadgets in the most recent The Signal podcast. He also tells of much awesome Browncoat love given by the Firefly cast at a party. It's a good listen.

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I would like to add that I think the Big Damn Zine is looking fabulous and doing such a wonderful service for the Browncoat community.

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