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October 22 2007

Report from Istanbul BUFFY HEREAFTER conference. Mockingbird (a.k.a. Adventuress) reports from the interdisciplinary conference on all things Whedon in Istanbul, Turkey, "Buffy Hereafter: from the Whedonverse to the Whedonesque."

The first-day report includes link to the conference website with details of the whole conference schedule.

This is really interesting, I'll definitely want to find out more about this conference. And am I the only one who has never heard the term "slanguage" before?
In my blog there is my Italian
English translation of Barby's blog post:
Note, this is a Google translation and I don't speak/read Italian, so while it should be close, no guarantees that it's entirely correct.
Yay Mockingbird! Be safe and have fun. :)
Hope you're learning lots and getting some exotic flavor. Turkey flavoring, like rosemary and sage. Spicy!
It was great! No, that word's too small to properly convey the size of the greatness. Think of it as "Serenity 2 gets the greenlight" sort of greatness. With chocolate.

I updated the blog as the conference progressed - this is just the opening day part. My particular presentation was on FRAY but all aspects of Whedon were nicely represented. Pictures will (hopefully) soon follow.

Academics getting wacky with the Whedon in Turkey . . . lo, the earth did tremble.
Mockingbird, did you post your paper on 'Fray' anywhere? Are any of the presentations posted? I was reading the abstracts, and they all sounded fascinating (and combine all that intellectual fascination with the romance of Istanbul, it really sounds like an amazing conference).
may I answer this? To read about mockingbird's thoughts on Fray, you have to wait for a little bit, because her book is due to early 2008!
And with the rest: wait and see! that's all I can tell!
Thanks so much, I love this stuff and look forward to trying to find time to follow it as it unfolds. So far, only had time to bookmark the page. :)

'strue. The book is with the publisher now and is currently due for release in the first part of 2008.

As for the presentations from the Istanbul conference, yes, you'll be able to read the full-length versions (the presentations were limited to 20 minutes each, so material obviously had to be condensed), but details are under wraps at this point.
I know I should be taking this casually, la de dum, of course there is a Whedon conference in Istambul, but it really does boggle my mind.

Yes, I'm a bad fan.
Me too, newcj. And boggle the mind it should, so I think you're a good fan ;) This is the kind of uniqueness that keeps us all obsessed .... um, I mean fascinated with .... the buffyverse.

mockingbird, congratulations!! You have every reason to be proud and excited.

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