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October 22 2007

'Angel: After The Fall's' Brian Lynch on 'Beauty and The Geek'? Lying in The Gutters drops an interesting tidbit about tomorrow night's episode on The CW. IDW EiC Chris Ryall also appears!

[ edited by Damon (zeitgeist) on 2007-10-22 22:29 ]

It really doesn't, no. See, I'm a judge for the night. So is IDW Ed-in-Chief Chris Ryall. We say funny stuff and had a great time, but I don't think ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL is mentioned. SHADOW PUPPETS might be, in my introduction.
Welcome to Whedonesque; where rumours come to die in freakishly quick fashion.
Hooray for Brian the Rumor Slayer!
Damn you for crushing our dreams ;) Just kidding, thanks for the correction-ola.
What's all this about you not being allowed to call it Angel season six?
I love that show, can't wait to see it!

I kinda wanted to try out for the show, but I never would've made it. I'm not awkward enough and hide my geekiness well. But it sure looks like fun.
So maybe you could try-out to be a beauty, dingoes8. ;-)

Thanks for being so on top of things here-abouts, Brian Lynch.
Cool, this show is one of my guilty pleasures.
Is it possible they can't call it season 6 because there's still hope for a televised continuation somehow?
Brian Lynch: "Princess Bedhead - she was the most entertaining thing I've ever seen, ever..."

Your face during this whole superhero fashion show was hy-sterical, Brian - a study in understatement. Jasmine was truly adorable, and worth the price of admission - she shoulda won, hands-down...

I sat through this 'cause of you, never having watched it before - and will never, I promise you, watch it again. But that little riff was almost worth it.

And good for you - and they did mention Shadow Puppets in your intro... Can you tell us how you came to be a judge?

*has to go take a really looong post-Reality Show bath...*

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