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October 22 2007

Steven DeKnight's new show 'Viva Laughlin' gets the axe. CBS cancels it after just two episodes.

At least it breaks "Drive"'s record...
I'm sorry for Steven DeKnight and D.B. Woodside, but I'm happy for my nerves. It just didn't work.
Too bad - this wasn't a bad show. Although the singing sections were kind of pointless - even to a musical fan like myself.
LAsted longer than I expected.....
Ouchie. Condolences to DeKnight and D.B. though.

I never did watch, so I wonder what made Blackpool work while Laughlin crashed?
I saw just a little of one, and though I have a love of musicals (or maybe because of it) the way the music was done made no sense to me at all. Weird.
This one deserved its quick death I'm afraid.
That was such a painful adaptation, despite the talent involved, hope they're luckier next time.
Wonder what CBS will do with the rest of the finished episodes. It's not like they can play lightly when the WGA strike is looming, unless they got another Survivor or Amazing Race or variation of their reality show properties under their sleeve.

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Condolences to DeKnight and Woodside, but this show was just sooo bad. Can't win 'em all, onward and upward. :)
Can't say this news is unexpected. The husband and I watched both episodes with a combination of mild fascination and dread--what would cause the characters to break out into inappropriately appropriated pop music next?

Plus, gambling--not that interesting to me. Better luck next time, SdeK, DBW, Hugh J., and everyone involved.
Them's the breaks, I'm afraid.

Wasn't quite my cuppa tea anyway, plus it plays up against 'Supernatural' here so it was never in with a chance in my house.
(Sadly when it comes to 'my boys' I have a tendency to watch, DVD, VCR AND try to lick the screen all at the same time...)
Wasn't quite my cuppa tea anyway, plus it plays up against 'Supernatural' here

Actually, only the pilot premiere was against Supernatural.
The show official time slot was supposed to be the first hour of primetime TV at Sundays, if I'm not mistaken snuck between "60 Minutes" and "Cold Case".
I really think the industry got a little to into making this up to be the new stinker this season. Yeah, it wasn't too great compared to Blackpool (some of the recasting stunk, especially Ripley Holden himself), but it could have worked if people just didn't get so caught up in claiming it sucked... anyway, it's gone now, so there's no saving it. At least the original Blackpool was really cool.
I watched the pilot, and was horrified. "Viva Trainwreck" is more like it. Perhaps they should've made the main character at least slightly likeable—I was happy anytime bad things happened to him.
I liked it. Fun and different, too bad it was cancelled.
NUMFARPTB, I am in a land far, far away, on the other side of the rainbow.

Actually, I'm in Australia. Where 'Supernatural' does, indeed, play up against 'Viva Laughlin' on Monday nights at 8:30pm.

Or at least, it USED too!

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