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October 23 2007

Jayne's hat on Stuff on my Cat. I don't think the people who run Stuff on My Cat get why this is so great. But the cat's name is Jayne.

With that look in her eyes, she looks more intimidating than the "real" Jayne does!
Lovely hat and lovely cat but I don't think she's happy that they are together. ;)

I noticed there was a comment from "Joss Whedon".
Somehow, I don't think the other Jayne has ever been called Pippi Longstocking, the Wendy girl, or Heidi to his face... at least not by none that lived to tell the tale. :)
And oddly, samitwitch, the comment sounds like something Joss would say. ;-)
*clap clap clap clap clap clap
I realized after reading the comments and seeing the link someone sent a poster to in orser to explain what Firefly was, that I have not seen a screen cap of Jayne wearing that particular hat anywhere. I googled a little bit but nope. Strange, don't you think?

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